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The positive integer whose square is between 900 and 1000 is 31.

312 = 961.

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Q: What number can you square to give an answer bigger than 900 but smaller than 1000?
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What is a number you can square that is bigger than 900 but smaller than 1000?

You can square any number.

Square a number which is bigger than 900 but smaller than 1000?

(901)2 = 811,801

What is a number that you can square to give an answer bigger than 900 but smaller than 1000?

The only integer answer is 31. 31^2 = 961.

What is number you can square to give you an answer bigger than 900 but smaller than 1000?

30.1 <><><><><><> This can be solved easily by taking the square root of 900, which is 30, and 1000, which is about 31.62. So, any number between 30 and 31.62, exclusive, would square to be between 900 and 1000.

What is a number that you can square to give an answer bigger then 900 but smaller then 1000?

-- Any number between 30 and 31.6 will do that. -- If you're only looking for a whole number, then 31 is the only one.

What square number is bigger than 900 but smaller than 1000?

31*31 =961

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