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slanted square

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Q: What shape looks like a slanted square called?
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Related questions

Is a rhombus a slanted shape?

yes its a slanted square

What is a slanted shape with 4 sides called?

A parallelogram

What is a shape called with equal sides?

a regular (then what the shape is)

What shape is called a rectangle and a square?

a square

What does a pentagon shape look like?

A pentagon shape looks like a house with the slanted roof and square bottom. It is a closed, plane, 5-sided figure with all straight sides. A regular pentagon has all 5 sides the same length. These are all pentagons.

What did a phalanx look like?

It looks like a square shape.

What shape is slanted and has 4 sides?

A parallelogram.

What shape has 4 sides and is slanted?

a parallelogram

What is the 3 d shape that looks like a donut called?

its called doughnut shape

What is a shape that looks like a tent called?

The following shape is called a Triangular Prism.

What shape is a rhombus?

Similar to a square, but slanted. A square is a rhombus, but a rhombus is not a square.

What is the name of a shape that looks like a square turned to the left?

A rhombus

What is the shape of an apple called?


What shape is a unwarped mountain?

It is like a shape of a rectangle but a little slanted on the bottom

Shape is a slanted squares going in?

Probably a rhombus

What shape has 4 sides and is slanted and thin?

a rhombus

How does quadrilateral looks like?

A quadrilateral looks like any 4 sided shape such as a square or a rectangle.

What do parallelograms look like?

A parallelogram is a four-sided shape with opposing sides being parallel. Therefore, a parallelogram may be a square, a rectangle, a rhombus (a sort of slanted square), or the shape most commonly referred to as a parallelogram is a sort of slanted rectangle. (Trapezoids are NOT parallelograms because only one pair of opposing sides are parallel)

What is the number of square units that cover a shape called?

That's called the "area" of the shape.

What shape looks like a diamond and has four sides?

A diamond is actaully a square tilted so.....a SQUARE!

What has the shape of a square pyramid?

It looks the same as a normal pyramid, the only difference is the base of the pyramid is square.

What is a 138 sided shape called?


What shape has one apex and five faces and a square base?

The shape in question is called a square pyramid.

What is the name of a four sided shape that is slanted?

A rhombus or a parallelogram

What is the shape called when you cut a square based pyramid in half?