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circle and rectangle. circle for the top and a curled rectangle with length equal to the circumference of the circle for the side.

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Rectangle and circle

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Circle and rectangle

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Circle cylinder

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Q: What two shapes make a cylinder?
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Related questions

What shapes do you use to make a cylinder?

Two circles.

What two shapes make up a cylinder?

two cylinders on top of each other

What shapes would you use to make a cylinder?

Answer: A circle (two of them) and a rectangle.

What 2 dimensional shapes make up a cylinder?

A rectangle and two circles

What shapes make up the net for a cylinder?

two circles and arectangle

What shapes have two bases beside a cylinder?

a circle

What shapes are the faces of a cylinder?

A rectangle and two circles.

Is cylinder a pyramid?

No, the two are quite different shapes.

What are two shapes of tornadoes?

Generally they can range, but a few include funnel and cylinder shapes :]

What 2 shapes create a cylinder?

Two circles and a rectangle.

What shapes are cylinder faces?

two circles and one rectangle

What two dimensional shapes are used to construct a cylinder?

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What 3 shapes can a cylinder be broken down into?

Two circles and a rectangle.

What shapes at least has two congruent parallel bases?

prism and cylinder

What two 3d shapes have curved faces?

sphere, cylinder and a cone

How many plane shapes does a cylinder have and what are they?

It has three which are two circles and a rectangle

Why are there two different formulas for calculating a cylinder and a sphere?

A sphere and a cylinder are different shapes. A sphere is like a ball, and a cylinder is like a can.

What shapes make cylinder?

A rectangle and 2 circles. The two circles would be the top and bottom, while the rectangle would be the side.

What shape has two of its faces are circles?

There can be many such shapes, but the commonest one is the cylinder.

How many shapes it takes to make a cylinder?

It takes three shapes. 1 rectangle and 2 circles. _ Depending on the way you think of a cylinder, technichally it has one shape, a circle.

How many 2d shapes does a cylinder have?

the cylinder has 2 2d shapes: the 2 circles on the end

How many faces edges and vertices in cylinder cone?

A cylinder and a cone - are two entirely different 3D shapes. A cylinder has three faces & two edges. A cone has two faces and one edge.

What shapes can you get in pasta?

a cylinder

I f you fattened a cylinder what shapes do you see?

A Cylinder?!

What two shapes make a rectangle?

Two square's

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