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A dozen apples. The word dozen means twelve - which is more than one - so you use the plural form of apple.

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A dozen apples

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dozen of apples

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Q: Which is correct a dozen apple or a dozen apples?
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Is it correct -a dozen of apples?

Your phrase is correct if you remove the word "of" and leave everything else alone.

How many apples does it take to make apple pie?

About half a dozen fist-sized apples. Granny Smith are best.

If you pick 79 apples how many dozen apples dose she have?

79 apples is the same as six dozen and seven apples. I don't know how many she has.

Which is correct- two kilos of apples or two kilos of apple?

Two kilos of apples. Add the 's' because it is plural.

What is the correct phobia for the fear of apple cider?

Malusdomesticaphobia the fear of all apples, is suitable when regarding apples in any form.

How many apples are 2 dozen?

24 there are 12 in a dozen

How many apples are in a gross?

12 dozen

How many apples are in one dozen?

12 apples

What do apples have to do with apple juice?

Apple juice is made from apples.

What is the plural possessive for apple?

The plural of apple is apples. The plural possessive of apples is apples'

Is there any apple or is there any apples?

Are there any apples?If you want to be grammatically correct, it would be arethere any apples? However, it could be is there any apple pie. You're making me hungry with all this talk about apples! :-)Apples is a plural noun so you should use a plural 'to be' verb. (are)Yes, if you were talking about pieces of apple on a plate you could ask "Is there any apple? (left).

How do you spell Mcintosh Apples?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun "McIntosh" for the red-and-green apples.(The spelling Macintosh is used for the Apple computers.)

What are some foods made from apples?

apple pie, apple juice, apple lollies, apple toffee, apple sauce, apple butter, apple fritter, apple crumb cake, apples & peanut butter, apples & caramel / caramel apples, dried apples / trail mix, apple pancakes and remember there are many types of apples from sweet to tart and variants of both between

What are the best type of apples for baking Apple Pie?

the best apple for making an apple pie are cooking apples not regular apples

Correct apostrophe for The apples skin was rather tough?

This is a possessive - "The skin of the apple" so it goes "The apple's skin was rather tough" If there's more than one apple you'd say "The apples' skins were rather tough"

What recipes can you make with apples?

apple pie, candy apples apple salad apple juice

There are a gross of apples in a crate and you take two dozen of them how many are left?

1 gross=12 dozen... so if u take out 2 dozen thate leaves u with 10 dozen apples..

Are Apple Macs Really Made From Apples If so Which Type Of Apples?

Apple Macs are not made from Apples.

If you have a dozen of apples in a basket If you take half of them but put three back in the basket how many do you have left?

A dozen apples is 12 apples. Here is how you solve it. 12-6+3 =6+3 =9 apples. You will get nine apples.

Where do apples grow from?

Apples grow on apple trees which are planted with apple seeds.

How does geometry apply in car?

Apples by the dozen

There are a gross of apples in a crate you take 2 dozen of them how many are left?

Ten dozen

IF sally has one apple and billy has anouther apple how many apples do they have?

2 apples

What apple gets rotten first - the apples in a bag or an apple in a plate?

Apples on a plate.

Why do apples grow on apple trees?

God made apples grow on apple trees.

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