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Which one is greater 300m or 3km

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I Ruiz

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srry not 3km its it!

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3 km, because 1 km= 1000 meters

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Q: Which is greater 300m or 3 km?
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Related questions

Which is greater 300m or 0.03 km?

300 Metres is greater, as it is equal to 0.3 Kilometres.

What is 300m as km?

300m is 0.3 km.

What is 300m km?

0.3 km

What is 300m in km?


Which is greater 3 km or 4000 m?

4000 m is greater than 3 km.4000 m = 4 km > 3 km

Which is greater 3000m or 2 km?

3000m = 3 km and is greater than 2 km

300 m is how many km?

300m is 0.3km

How do you record 5km and 300m in decimal notation?

It is: 5.3 km

Is 4 m greater than 3 km?

No. 1 km is 1000 m so 3 km would be 3000 m, which is greater than 4 m.

Is 3 km greater than 5000m?

No because 1 km is equal to 1000 meters so you do 3×1000=3000 km. And 5000 is greater than 3000.

Which is greater 0.0037 km or 3 meters?

0.0037 km is 231/3% longer than 3 meters.

What is 3 km plus 800m plus 8km plus 300m?

Convert everything to the same unit, then do the addition. Remember that a kilometer is 1000 meters. Either like this: (Convert to meters) 3 km + 800 m... = 3000 m + 800 m... Or: (convert to km) 3 km + 800 m... = 3 km + 0.8 km...

Is 1 km greater than 3 ft?

You are kidding! 1 km is nearly 6/10 of a mile which is clearly greater than 3 ft

Which is more 3 km or 2300 meter?

3km is greater !

Is km greater or is m greater?

km is greater because 1km=1000m

Which is greater 100 km or 50 miles?

100 km is greater.

What is greater Cm or km?

Km is a greater unit. 1 Km is equal to100000cm.

What measure is greater 3 km or 4000 m?

Since 1 km is equal to 1000 m, 4000 m would be more than 3 km.

What is greater 5 mi or 9 km?

9 km is greater.

Which is greater 313 km or 197 miles?

313 km is greater.

Is 9000 cm greater or 2 km?

2 km is greater.

Is 3 kilometers or 25 meters greater?

3 kilometres is greater than 25 metres:3 km = 3000 m > 25 m

Is 3 km greater or less than 5000 m?

It is less because 5000 meters = 5 Km

What is greater 3 km or 5000 m?

5000m is greater = 5km so is 2km more than 3km

Is 3 km greater than or less than 5000 m?

km means kilometer kilo implies 1000 so 1 kilometer is 1000 meters 3000 meters is less than 5000 meters So 3 km is less than 5000 m

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