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a violin was on sale of 50%. the sale price is 50 pesos . what was the original price ?

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Q: How do you calculate markup and markdown price?
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What is the percent markup from 32.40 to 21.50?

32.40 to 21.50 is a 33.642% markdown.21.50 to 32.40 is a 50.6977% markup.

How do you calculate cost price when the selling price and markup is given?

you minus it

Is a markdown of 25 percent followed by another markdown of 15 percent the same as a single markdown of 40 percent?

No. The second markdown doesn't apply to the original price. It applies to whatthe price is after the first markdown.25% markdown followed by 15% markdown brings you to 63.75% of the original price ...equivalent to a single markdown of 36.25% .This depends on whether by "another markdown of 15%", you mean15% of the (already marked-down) new price, or15% of the original priceExample:Original Price: $400Single markdown of 40% of $400 gives a final price of $240Original Price: $400Markdown of 25% of $400 ($100) gives a new price of $300Second markdown of 15% of the new price $300 ($45) gives a final price of $255This is not the same as a single markdown of 40%Original Price: $400Markdown of 25% of $400 ($100) gives a new price of $300Second markdown of 15% of the original price $400 ($60) gives a final price of $240This *is* the same as a single markdown of 40%

What is the difference between discount and markdown?

Discount fluctuates and it has various types like Frequent shopper discount, senior citizen discount, membership discount. Though discount is being given to the customer, Retailer gets cheaper profit always. MarkDown is gradual and it is mostly used to sell the old inventory items and any items which retailer feels occupying the space for long time. MarkDown is more applicable for seasonal items, as the necessity decreases when the season is finished. When retailer sells in MarkDown price, it will be a loss but it helps them to bring in new items where they can get some profit. In Simple layman language, MarkUP price = Purchased price + profit price MarkDown price = Purchased price - loss price

How do you calculate selling price if you know the profit mark up and cost price?

Cost price * markup + tax = selling price

What is the new price if the original price is 50 with a markup of 40 percent?

The question is slightly ambiguous, so I'll list the two possibilities:If the original price is 50, and the new price is 50 + a 40% markup, then we can calculate as follows:New price = 50 + 40%= 50 x 1.4= 70If however you meant that the original price is 50 including a 40% markup (eg tax), and you want to calculate the new price with this markup removed, we calculate the answer as:New price +40% = 50New price x 1.4 = 50New price = 50 / 1.4= 34.84= 35 (approx)

How to calculate Mark up opportunity cost?

For Retail Price question....If Retail price is 12,995. Markup % is 12. what was the wholesale price?

A pair of shoes with an original price of 300.00 is on sale for 210.00 Find the percent of the markdown?

The markdown is 30%

How can you calculate the selling price if you know the original price and the amount of markups?

Multiply the original price by 1 plus the decimal equivalent of the markup. Example: $39.95 with a 25% markup = $39.95 x 1.25 = $49.94

What is formula of sales price?

The sales price formula is Sale Price=(Normal Price)(Compliment of Markdown)

What is the formula for finding sale price in economics?

sale price=(regular price)(complement of markdown)

How do you find the cost and the selling price if you know the markup price 130.50 and the markup percentage 58?

There is no cost for which a 58% markup would give a price of 130.50.

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