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Popular Jobs for College Math Majors

As businesses have become more analytically and financially oriented the demand for people with math skills has also increased. College math majors learn to hone these skills, making them especially attractive to potential employers and in a variety of industries....(more)

Getting a Master's in Mathematics

A considerably small portion of the population is willing to get a master's in mathematics. For most individuals, such a master's degree is completely out of the question, seeing as to how many people struggle with the undergraduate concepts associated with math in their technical majors. However, for the relatively few minds gifted with a love for mathematics, mastering in this physical science may be an excellent choice to make. This article looks for the various aspects associated with mastering in mathematics; such as where you can expect to find employment once you complete your master's and what sort of salaries you can expect....(more)

March SAT

Taking the SAT is arguably the most important step to secure your chances of being accepted into a university in the U.S. The tests are reason for a great deal of strife among students, and many people end up stressing over when they should take the test. One of the best times to take the test, especially if you are not going to be taking any subject tests, is in March of every year. This particular test date is not as crowded as others, making it ideal if you do not function well under pressure....(more)

Ten Common Business Math Terms

Business math uses a lot of ordinary English words, but with very different meanings. Business math terms and phrases often denote financial significance. Basic terms that form the backbone of the corporate lingo are first introduce in college. Here are some of the commonly used business math terms every business student should be familiar with....(more)


Lessons in Excel: Tips to Get You Started

Excel is a spreadsheet program that can help organize data and run math equations against it. This can be a very effective way to manage data and information in business, but it can also be effective for those simply running a household, too. However, Excel can have quite a steep learning curve for the average computer user, and a lesson or two is generally required before users can use the program fluidly. Read on for five of the best tips for those who are new to Excel....(more)

Worksheets for Identifying Money

Math is more than just adding and subtracting numbers; it's about real life applications. Worksheets for identifying different types of money are a good way to help students get a better understanding of money. Another way to help students recognize and count money is to use real coins and bills during the lessons. Below are a few websites that offer some top-notch free worksheets that you can print and complete at home or in school....(more)

Finding the Interest Rate for a Set of Calculations

Finding the interest rate of an investment often appears daunting when you are unfamiliar with the tools you need. Fortunately, interest rate formulas exist solely to make this process an intuitive experience. These are the basic steps in order to calculate your interest rate....(more)


Using Algebra to Determine the Interest Rate On Your Mortgage

There are plenty of tools out there to help you determine the interest rate on your mortgage, but you may still prefer to make the calculations by hand. This is easy to do once you understand some basic mathematical formulas....(more)

Tips on Solving Quadratic Functions

Being able to solve quadratic functions is an important skill to have in the field of algebra. Solving quadratic functions is the first step to plotting the problems that they represent in analytical geometry, for example. This graphical representation can then be used to find other pieces of information, such as the point of intersection of this parabola with another geometrical entity such as a straight line. Unfortunately, initially solving quadratic functions can be a somewhat demanding and time-consuming task, especially if you have not yet been introduced to the quadratic formula. This article will explore some of the various tips and tricks that you can stick to in order to solve quadratic functions correctly....(more)

How to do Algebra

Algebra is an important subject in high school and even in college. Many people do not really consider it as their favorite subject because of the complexities of algebraic equations that must be solved. However, it is important to learn how to do algebra to graduate from school or to solve basic everyday algebraic problems. To do algebra, you must first know the different axioms in algebra as well as the order of operations. They are basic algebraic principles that you can apply in any problem you would solve....(more)