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The Basic Parts Of Geometry

The basic parts of geometry focus on perimeter, area and volume, involving shapes, sizes, patterns and positions. Geometry becomes practical in building structures, making machines, observing stars, creating art and measuring things in life. You use geometry daily in a variety of ways....(more)

Geometry Applications in Everyday Life

Geometry is a useful skill that you will need to know throughout your life; however, in an academic setting, geometry can be quite boring. In fact, many students studying geometry don't find much encouragement to continually learn geometry skills because they find little application of the material in their everyday...(more)

Improve Your Geometry Skills Online

If geometry class is bogging you down, there are many options for what to do about it. If your teacher or professor is not offering you enough help, there are endless websites that can help. How do you know which ones will actually make you better at math and which...(more)

The Area of a Trapezoid (and Other Geometrical Formulas)

The area of a shape measures the size of its surface. All shapes have an area, but it's easiest to calculate if the shape is geometric. Find out how to calculate the area of a trapezoid and other geometric shapes....(more)


Careers for People with Math Degrees

One of the most common protests that high school math teachers encounter is that math is a subject that no one ever uses once they graduate from school. However, that is very far from the truth. As experienced math professionals know, a math degree prepares a student for a wide variety of career fields. Moreover, many of these career fields have excellent job security and pay very well. Read on to learn about some of the top careers for people with math degrees....(more)

Exploring Math Teacher Associations

If you are aiming to become a math teacher, then one of the best places that you can find resources and information on this career path is a math teacher association. These associations are scattered throughout the globe and vary in their overall scope of activities. Some of them, such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, are nationwide in their scope of activities. Meanwhile, others such as the Rhode Island Mathematics Teachers Association are local in their scope of support. This article explores what math teacher associations are, as well as how they can help you achieve excellence in your chosen career path as a math teacher....(more)


Six Dos and Don'ts for Improving Your Math Skills

Math is something that affects your life in a multitude of ways, even if you don't see it clearly. Having sharp math skills will help you understand the world around you from understanding interest rates to figuring out how much money you should put into your savings account with each paycheck. It's important to hone these skills while you're initially learning them. Here are six tips to help you improve your math skills....(more)

Worksheets on Adding Polynomials

Adding polynomials is an algebraic topic that is very rarely covered thoroughly in class. This is because it is seldom used. Nevertheless, there may come a time when you want to review your knowledge of polynomial addition. If this is true, you might want to practice using an external source, as your officially sanctioned material may not be enough in this case. This article explores of the various places you can go in order to find worksheets addressing the topic of polynomial edition....(more)

Tutoring for Math

A good math tutor needs to have all the mastery of the materials that they are teaching. When teaching young children in grade school, the teacher must have at minimum a high school diploma. If the tutor is teaching older students in high school or college, they must have an undergraduate degree with the Major in mathematics. Engineering or science degree undergraduates often have good math requirements also. Finding a good tutor is the next step for your needs. There are a few factors to be considered alongside the educational level. This include whether you will have home schooling or online virtual tuition. Depending on your needs and circumstances along with geographical location to the tutor, the tutor should have excellent knowledge of virtual tutor training skills....(more)