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0.6 is six tenths, which is equal to 6/10, or 3/5.

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Q: 0.6 equal to what fractions?
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How do you know when two fractions are equal?

If the denominators (bottom numbers) are not equal, making equivalent fractions of them so that the denominators are equal. With the denominators equal if the numerators (top numbers) are equal, then the fractions are equal.

What are equal fractions called?

equivalent fractions

What are non equivalent fractions?

Non-equivalent fractions are fractions that are not equal

What fractions will equal to 1?

Fractions will always equal 1 when their numerator is the same as their denominator

What do do equal fractions form?

Two fractions set equal to each other form a proportion.

What is the difference between two equal fractions?

the difference between two equal fractions is zero.

What is the difference between equal fractions and equivalent fractions?

No difference.

Where are the fractions?

The fractions are when you divide a whole number into equal parts

What do you call 2 fractions equal in value?

equivalent fractions

What fractions are equal to 54?

fractions equal to 54 = 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,...

What are equal fractions?

something that's equal to the fraction

How do you do equal fractions?

To compare fractions, convert both of them to a common denominator.

What are equivlent fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that are equal. So, 1/2 and 2/4 are equivalent.

How can complex fractions be multiplied?

complex fractions can be multiplied when you have two fractions multiplied and equal a whole number.

What represents the differences between two equal fractions?

If two fractions are equal then the difference between them is zero (0).

What fraction represents the difference between two equal fractions?

There is no difference in value between "equal" fractions: the difference is zero.

How many fractions are equal to 0.2 times 0.6?

0.2*0.6 = 0.12 and there are an infinite number of fractions that are equal to 0.12

Two or more fractions that are equal is called what?

In actual problems, we convert two (or more) fractions so that they have equal denominators.

What are fractions that are equal in value but may have different numerators and denominators?

Equivalent fractions.

What are the rules for subtracting fractions?

You multiply the fractions until the denominators are equal. Then, you subtract.

What equivalent fractions can equal one?

I just did fractions and I think 1/1

What are fractions that are equal in value but have different numerators and denominators?

They are known as equivalent fractions

What are fractions called when the numerator is greater than or equal from the denominator?

improper fractions

What are the fractions between 8 10ths and 5 4ths?

There are no fractions between 8/10s and 4/5s because those fractions are equal. In decimal form they equal .8

What is equality test for fractions?

Two fractions, a/b and c/d are equal if and only if the cross products ad and bc are equal.