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0.9 meters equal how many centimeters?

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Q: 0.9 meters equal how many centimeters?
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How many meters are in 09 miles?

Answer: .09 mi. = 144.840 meters.

How many meters in .09 miles?

0.09 mile is 144.84 meters.

If a fish swims 0.09 centimeters every hundredth of a second how fast in meters per second is it swimming?

Since a centimeter is 100th of a meter, it would be traveling at .09 meters per second. 100th of a second, 100th of a meter, the relationship is 1. meters per second.

Convert 672 nanometers to meters?

1 nanometer=1E-09 meters and the answer is .000000672 meters

100 GBP is equal to how many Euros?

109€ on 10 octobre 09

How many AmericanUS dollars are equal to 257 British pounds?

As of mid-day on 09/03/09 it's roughly $419.16 USD.

What is 1e plus 09 equal to?

1e+09 is equal to that of 1 billion.

How many lempri is equal to 5 dollars?

as of today 09/20/2013 102.2 Homduran Lempri are the equivalent of 5 US$

How many US dollars equal 1 rand?

When traveling it is important to know the monetary conversion rate. One South African rand is equal to.09 of the US dollar.

Is 09 cc the same as 9 cc?

Yes. However, .09 cc is not equal 9 cc

How many year will be 09 09 09?

One, this century

Is 09 equal to 90?

No, nine is less than ninety.

What is a speedboat's acceleration if its speed uniformly from twenty meters per second to thirtyone meters per second in a distance of 210 m?

.052 meters per second or .09 per meter

1pt 09 FL oz is how many FL oz?

One pint plus 9 fluid ounces is equal to 25 fluid ounces. This measurement is also equal to 3.125 cups, and 0.7813 quarts.

.09 kilograms is equal to how many grams?

1 kilogram = 1000 grams so 0.09 kg = 0.09*1000 = 90 grams. Simple!

What is length and breadth of 42 square meters?

The answer is in the question. 42 square meters would be 42 meters long, 42 meters wide, 42 meters from corner to corner. To convert the 42 square meters into yards, there is .84 meters in one square yard, .09 square meters in a square foot. I realize that the Metric System is difficult to learn at first, but you will get the hang of it.

How much is 300 pounds in Turkish lira?

As of mid-day on 09/03/09 300 GBP is roughly equal to 738.39 TRY.

The date 12-09-2003 is equal to what Roman Numeral?

The date 12-09-2003 would be written as XII.IX.MMIII

How many gallons per foot for 1.5 inch pipe?

12" of 1 1/2" pipe is equal to .09 us gallons or .34 litres

How many dollars are equal to 3 euros?

Under the current exchange rate (as of 06-1-09) 3 Euros equals 4.24634 U.S. dollars

The density of water is equal to 10 gcm3 A substance with density equal to 09 gcm3 would in water?


2 meters 46.5 cm equal how many feet and inches?

1 foot = 12 inches 1 foot = 0.3048 meter 2 m 46.5 cm = 2.465 m = 2.465/0.3048 = 8.09 ft = 8 ft (.09 x 12) in = 8 ft 1.08 in

How many grams in .09 ounces?

.09 ounces = 2.55 grams.

How many lugs on a 09 civic?

on an 09 civc si there are 5 lugs

How many square feet is .09 acre?

Answer: .09 acre = 3,920.4 ft²

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