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Can you explain how you know that
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Q: 1+6+7=14 regroup 14 tens as1 hundred and 4 tens?
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What unit of volume is the same as1 mL?

That would be a cubic centimeter (cc).

Is a tablespoon that comes with silverware exactly the same as1 measuring tablespoon?

Not necessarily

Narwhal whales can weigh as much as1 810 tons.what is 1 810 written as a decimal?


What is the least common factor of 48 and 144?

48 as1 *48=48 and 3*48=144

How long does it take to drive to Houston Texas from Lucas Texas?

MapQuest estiimates the driving time as1 hour and 29 minutes and gives the distance as 267.81 miles.

How many centimeter are there in 5'6 ft.?

there are 167.74 cm in 5'6 ft. As1 inch -2.54 cm and 1ft= 30.48 cm.

How much does Prison Break season 1 DVD cost?

Cheapest place to buy Prison Break Season 1 is probably here: Or, Season 2 you can buy from here:

Why animals are translocated?

typically as1) a way to give rise to diversity of the breeding population. 2) for security of an endangered population. 3) to place animals (as is typical of camp-raiding bears) to areas further removedfromhumans. so that the animals do not have to beput down.

What seasons does Saturn have?

yes Saturn has many seasons like 500 seasons. mankind asd sdaf asd asd as d as1 dsa51 ds

Will MacBooks play minidiscs?

Amazon sells adapters from Memorex for just this thing. They seem to work in Matshita drives, which is what the MBP has.Here's a link:

Diffeece between nominal mix and design mix?

a nominal mix is that mix in which we adopt the various ingredients such as1:2:3,1:2.5:4etc here the strength will not be the desired strength and generally here we take the ingredients per unit vol a design mix is that mix in we find the ratio of the different ingredients as per the desired strength and the ingredients would be in per unit weight

How do I get into the Omega diet?

To learn more about the Omega diet and its benefits and step by step instructions, you can read the book "The Omega Diet". You can find them used at for as little as a penny! Here is a link to get you started;

What are the best new video games?

Assassins Creed Black Flag. One of the best games iver ever played. Game is LEGIT!!! So much to do and awesome gameplay! Check it out:

What is a good RC helicopter?

A good RC helicopter should be compatible with different devices. for more info visit their site

How do you file a auto claim with ups?

Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company Policy # AS2-C21-004175-332 (All Other States) Policy # AS1-C21-004335-262 (US Virgin Islands) Policy # AS2-C21-092036-212 (AK, CA, CO, HI, IA, ID, KS, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, NV, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY) Policy # AV2-C21-004335-242 (RI, VA)

What is in cow's milk?

Cow's milk is generally composed of lipids (monoacylglycerols, diacyglycerols, and [primarily] triacylglycerols); vitamins A, B6, B12, D, D, E, K, thiamine, niacin, biotin, riboflavin, folates, and pantothenic acid; essential fatty acids (linoleic, and linolenic acids); about 33% protein (primarily in the form of casein micelles as as1-, as2-, ?-, and k-caseins; a small amount of whey proteins such as Lactoglobulin); the minerals calcium, phosphate, magnesium, sodium, potassium, citrate, and chlorine; sugars (lactose, glucose, galactose, and oligosaccharides); trace amounts of white blood cells from the animal; and, some bacteria and active enzymes.

Show the bit positions of various flags in 8085 flag register?

The 8085 microprocessor has 5 flags: 1. Zero flag: The zero flag is set, when the ALU operation results a zero . 2. Carry flag: If an arithmetic operations results in a carry, this flag is set. 3. Parity flag: This flag is set, when an arithmetic or logical operation results in a data, which has even number of 1s. If otherwise, it is reset. 4. Sign flag: After the execution of an arithmetic or logic operations, if D7 bit of the accumulator is 1, it indicates a negative number and this flag is set. If otherwise, it is reset. 5. Auxiliary Carry flag: used for BCD Operations, During the BCD operations, if D3 bit producing the carry then the AC bit set as1, otherwise the bit is 0. 6. Carry Flag: when a carry is generated by digit D7, then the carry flag set as 1, otherwise the bit will be 0.

How many accounting standard arein India?

As per the IASs/IFRSs, so far 30 Indian Accounting Standards have been issued: AS1 - Disclosure of Accounting Policies AS2 - Valuation of Inventories AS3 - Cash Flow Statements AS4 - Contingencies and Events Occuring after the Balance Sheet Date AS5 - Net Profit or Loss for the period, Prior Period Items and Changes in Accounting Policies AS6 - Depreciation Accounting AS7 - Construction Contracts AS8 - Accounting for Research and Development ( Wirhdrawn pursuant to AS26 becoming mandatory ) AS9 - Revenue Recognition AS10 - Accounting for Fixed Assets AS11 - The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates AS12 - Accounting for Governement Grants AS13 - Accounting for Investments AS14 - Accounting for Amalgamations AS15 - Employee Benefits AS16 - Borrowing Costs

The Small Business Start up Tool Kit?

I wanted to provide a quick overview of some resources that can help anyone start from zero and start to develop their idea. This article will be divided into two posts. The first will concentrate on books and materials, and the follow up article will cover the next steps, highlighting some things you can do to start the process.BooksGetting Things Doneby David Allen.Let's face it. Most small business owners who are just starting out do not have the resources of unlimited time and money. (If they did, they would be on the beach!) Most businesses starting out are run on the side, usually while the owner is juggling a full or part time job, a family, and numerous other commitments. Getting Things Done will help you manage the workflow in a manageable way. A word of warning: GTD (as it's very fervent community refers to it) is not for everyone. It will seem over the top. It is impossible to walk away from it though, without changing some of your practices.The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.Many of the business books that are very popular are really good, but not many deal with the new reality that is the online environment. The E-Myth Revisited digs into the new online culture and what it means to business.Good to Great by Jim CollinsThis book is a classic. Collins drills down into companies who are doing it right. Small businesses will not have the resources that many of the subjects in the book do, but any company can be helped by studying their best practices.Crush It! by Gary VaynerchukGary defines following your passion and doing everything with openness and transparency.BlogsStartupNation www.startupnation.comStartup Nation is one of the best sites for getting ideas together, and starting to formulate those ideas into something that makes sense. We won’t say the word “business plan” yet.Ducttape Marketing Tape Marketing is full of articles and helpful information to get your business going on a shoe string budget. It isn’t about doing things cheap, it is about maximizing your resources.Do you have any to add? Email me or put them in the comments. Next time we will take it to the next level and go over the start up steps.[photo=][video=]

Meet each other?

Let h be the height where they meet each other after a time t sec So for falling body it has to cover a distance 156.8 - h m ==> S = ut + 1/2 g t^2 Here S = (156.8 - h) m, u = 0 So 156.8 - h = 1/2 g t^2 For rising body s = h, u = 78.1 m/s and g = - g So h = 78.1 t - 1/2 g t^2 Adding 156.8 = 78.1 t So t = 2.008 s Now you can find the value of h.

What is paper presentation?

Paper Presentation is all about how you put your topic or present your topic in front of the public. They see the way you present it. They way you put your points.Your way and the style of presenting the paper. The language you present the topic in. Like if you have to present the paper on "Nanotechnology"Here first thing is that you have collect the information from the source you would like to. It can be the internet or some books on the topic. You have to first arrange the information in the form as1. define the topic2. topic details2. current affairs3. advantages and the dis-adv.4. cuases remedies5. applications Then you have to prepare the "Abstract".Abstract- It is the details in short i.e not exceeding more than two pages. This you have to give to the place you want to present the topic. You have to write the Abstrct in the IEEE format if they ask you to do so. IEEE format is like you have to have the specific size of the text eg. for the heading the font is 14for the sub heading the font is 12 and so on. you may check the detail from the PDF IEEE(i am not sure about this source.) Then you have to make the hard and the soft copy.One hard copy you have to submit to the place of the presentation.and one with you. Hard copy is the print pages of the detail of the topic(In this too you have to make the use of the IEEE format if specified. ) Soft copy it is the power presentation(PP)Do not write too much in the PP only the point. And explain them.If the introduction page in made them there is no need to give the introduction againMake the use of the body language and the facial expressions and also make a slide of the source you have collected all the information from

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