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To find 10% divide the total by 10.

So 10% = 156/10 = 15.6

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Q: 10 percent commission on the 156 sale?
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Bob pays a 10 percent commission when he trades stock What would the commission be on the sale of stock worth 500.00?


What is 10 percent commission on 4000?

10 percent commission on 4000 is 400.

Bob pays a 10 percent commission when he trades stock How much commission would he pay on the sale of stock worth 695.23?


When working out commission do you times or divide?

You would multiply (or 'times') to calculate the commission. For example, if a sales clerk makes 10% commission on all sales, and makes a sale of $250, you would multiply $250 by .10 (.10 represents the 10 percent), which would be $25.

What is 10 percent of 156?

10% = 0.1 156 x 0.1 = 15.6

Stoplight Auto Center is selling its shares for 28.75 How much commission would the auto center pay on a sale of 90 shares with a 10 percent commission?


10 percent commission on 4000?


Typical commission for IT Hardware sales?

The typical commission for IT hardware sales depend on the cost of hardware sold. Hardware costing below $10,000 will yield 8 percent commission, $10,001 - $20,000 is equivalent to 10 percent commission, and higher than $20,000 will yield 13 percent commission.

Jackie wants to buy 13 shares of stock at 12.00 per share Her broker charges 10 percent commission for the sale How much will Jackie pay for the stock?


How do you calculate 10 percent commission of 8500?

10% of 8500 = 8500*10/100 = 850

What is commission-only salary?

A commission is some fraction of a total sale price which is paid to the salesman. For example, you might have a 10% commission, so that if you sell $500 worth of product, you receive a $50 commission on that sale. If your pay arrangement is commission only, that means that the commission is all you get; there is no other salary. If you make no sales, you get paid nothing.

Average outside sales commission?

The average outside sales commission varies depending on the job you have and what you are selling. An average commission is around 10 percent.

What is the sale price of 9.50 and 10 percent?


How much commission would you pay if your broker charges 10 percent commission and you sel stock worth 2594.64?

$259.46. that's $2594.64 times .10.

How much commission would you pay if your broker charges 10 percent commission and you sell stock worth 2594.64?


What is the sale price of an item that is 10 percent off 14.50?


What is 156 divided by 10?


Rachel made a 10 percent commission of 9.550 on one months book sales Calculate the amount of her monthly commission?


The sale in sydney is 10 percent what is te tax on a 4.90 baseball?


What is the average commission on orthopedic sales?

There?æare many different estimates on this question. However the average standard commission for sales is 10 percent in today's economy.

The sale price of a photography book is 20 percent off the list price if the sale price of the book is 10 what is the list price?

10 * 100/80 = 12.50

What is 10 percent percent commission of 3252 show working?

Consider 3252 as the "WHOLE" 1 percent means 1/100 of the "WHOLE", in this case it is 3252/100 = 32.52 10 percent means 10/100 of the "WHOLE", so it is 32.52 x 10 = 325.2

How do you find the commission rate?

How you find the commission rate varies depending on the job. Some jobs pay a commission of 10% of total sales while some have commission that is on a sliding scale. In real estate, the realtor makes a commission from each sale. You can ask what the rate is prior to hiring the real estate agent.

How many millimetres are there in 156 centimeters?

There are 10 millimetres in one centimetre. Therefore, 156 centimetres is equal to 156 x 10 = 1560 millimetres.

Cale sells cars at a local dealership he earns a 10 percent commission on each car he sells how much commission will cale earn on a car that sells for 18000?