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12=eggs in a dozen

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Q: 12 equals e in a d?
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What is 12 equals E in D?

12 eggs in a dozen.

If 12 E in a D equals 12 eggs in a dozen what is 12 D of C?

12 dozens in a carton?

If a equals b and b equals c and c equals d and and d equals e then what does e equal?

They all equal each other. a = b = c = d = e e = a e = b e = c e = d e = e

10 equals E in a D?

10=E in a D

If a plus b equals c and b plus c equals d and c plus d equals e and a equals 7 and e equals 5 what is a plus b plus c plus d plus e equal?

the answer is a

12 equals N in a D?

12=n in a d

If a plus b equals e what is e plus d?

if a + b = e. e + d = e + d. that's the answer: e + d or it could be e + d = (a + b) + d but in simplest form, its e + d

What does P and D equals in 12 equals p in a d?

P = Pieces/PartsD = Dozen

Does the expressions d-12 have a greater value when d equals 42 or when d equals 46?


-12 plus d equals 14?


What is D equals mc3?

it is instead of E=mc2, i know it is D=mc3

What is the fifth number if there is a sum of four numbers that equal 40 when there is a fifth number added and the mean of the numbers become 12what is the fifth number?

The sum of four numbers equals 40: a+b+c+d=40 Those same four numbers, along with another number (e), give the set a mean of 12: (a+b+c+d+e)/5=12 Use these two facts to determine e as follows: (a+b+c+d+e)/5=12 a+b+c+d+e=60 (a+b+c+d)+e=60 40+e=60 e=20

12 e is a d?

12 eggs is a dozen

12 E in D?

12 eggs in a dozen

12 e in a d?

12=12eggs in a dozen

What is 12 equals -2d?


12 equals d of j?

Disciples of Jesus.

12 equals d of c?

Days of Christmas

10 equals e in the d?

Ten events in the Decathlon

What does a d and a f equal to as a grade?

It equals out to an "E"

What are the 1st 5 terms of arithmetic sequence w first term a1 equals 12 d equals -2?

U1 = a = 12 U2 = a + 1*d = 12 - 2 = 10 U3 = a + 2*d = 12 - 4 = 8 U4 = a + 3*d = 12 - 6 = 6 U5 = a + 4*d = 12 - 8 = 4

What is a1 for the arithmetic series with s7 equals 287 and d equals 12?


What is 12 equals number of s on a d?

This is a Ditloid. The answer is 12 sides on a dodecagon.

What is a trick that is spelled the same way equals D equals D equals D equals D equals D equals D?

equals D repeater

How is a 12 string guitar tuned?

12 string guitars are tuned in octaves, so they are tuned as: E e A a D d G g B b E e