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140 grams per day x 7 days = 980 grams per week

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Q: 140 grams food each day is how much in a week?
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How much would one person pay for food each week?

a person would spend about $300 or more on fast food or out food per week.

How much food is lost each week in the TV show Hells Kitchens?

1 billion food

How much does an average dog eat each week in pounds?

An average Dog eats 7 cups of food a week

How much does a person spend on food each year?

I spend about 120 a week for a family of three.

How many people visit Eastern Market in Detroit each week?

As much as 40,000 people every week for all the urban food.

What is the average number of fast food Australia have each week answer?

well, it depends on how much your fatasz eat

About how much do people in the us spend on food for a week?

People in the US spend on average $146-289 per week on food. This is for a family of four people. $36.5-72.25 is the average for each person per week.

How much food astronauts eat in a week?

astronauts eat 21 servings of food in a week

How much does the typical marijuana smoker smoke in a week?

about 3 grams

How much dry food do you feed a six week old puppy?

how much dry dog food do you feed your six week old puppies or do you give them can food?

Bethany's dog eats 450 grams of food per week so how many kilograms does the dog eat in a week?

.450 kilos

How much does Wayne Rooney get paid each week?

£200,000 a week!

How much do you get paid each week?


How much robaxin can you take safely?

6 to 8 grams a day for one week, then reduce dose to 4 grams/day after that

How much food does a 13 week old rottweiler need daily?

A puppy eats a lot of food. From birth up to six months of age, he'll need to eat two to four times as much as an adult dog to support all that growth. A good rule of thumb (paw?) is that after his first week of life, when his weight doubles from what it was at birth, a puppy should gain one to two grams per pound of anticipated adult weight each day.

How much electricity is used each week?

depends how much you use.

What if your paycheck each week is 500 if you want to save 2000 in a year How much should you set aside from your paycheck each week?

the answer is $38.46 per week

How much aerobic exercise should you do each week?

At least 3 times a week.

How much does under armour make each week?

only 5 dollars a week!.

About how much is accountant paid each week?

They get paid 2050 each fortnight

How much to feed an adult for a week?

MONEY OR FOOD? food , one cup a day , money depends how much it is?

Your paycheck each week is 500.00 if you want to save 2000.00 in one year how much should you set aside from your paycheck each week?

$38.46 per week

How much money do Rockettes earn in a week?

They earn three cocks and ten grams of cocaine

How much fast food does an average American eat a week?

The average American eats at least 3 fast food meals in a week.

if your animal eats 4lbs of food each day how many lbs dose the dog eat in a week?

50 lbs