147 mb in s

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Maximum break in snooker.

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Q: 147 mb in s
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147 equals mb in s?

147 equals Maximum Break in Snooker.

What does 147 M B in S mean?

I don't know... 147 meatballs in sauce? :)

Is 147 megabytes a lot?

No it is not in today's society 514.4 megabytes is a small amount of data. The newer faster computers deal in gigabytes and even the programs that use the megabyte system is low. This is about the time I start cleaning up my hard drive when it reaches the megabyte range on the free space.

Does a SCSI have the fastest throughput?

It used to, but no longer. These days, for individual harddrives, SATAII and SATAIII (SATA3) are significantly better in performance. However in terms of total throughput performance, SCSI can outperform even SATAII. Here's a breakdown of common interfaces and their bandwidth: ATA/100 (IDE): 100 MB/s Ultra ATA/133 (IDE): 133 MB/s SATA: 150 MB/s SATAII: 300 MB/s SATAIII: 600 MB/s Ultra3 SCSI: 160 MB/s Ultra-320 SCSI: 320 MB/s Ultra-640 SCSI: 640 MB/s SAS (Serially Attached SCSI): 300 MB/s USB1.0: 1.5 MB/s USB2.0: 60 MB/s Firewire: 50 MB/s Firewire800: 400 MB/s 100mbit Ethernet: 12.5 MB/s Gigabit ethernet: 125 MB/s Average Cable Internet: 1 MB/s It should be noted, however, that the world's fastest harddrives do not max out most of these interfaces. An Atlas 3k (15,000 RPM) drive uses SAS, Ultra-320 and Ultra-640 interfaces, but tops out at 145 MB/s average with 202 MB/s peak. As such, whether to use SCSI or SATA is of no importance to standard users. Only servers and mainframes typically need to worry. That, combined with the MUCH higher cost of SCSI drives and SCSI interface cards (and cables) has left SCSI unpopular and largely obsolete.

What is 3 MB down and 1 MB up talking about internet speed?

3 mb/s download transfer to your system1 mb/s upload transfer from your systemmb/s = million bits per second

What is the meaning of MB in computer turn?

Mb means (or stands for) megabyte(s).

What is the fastest wireless n card for hp?

any wireless N card is going to operate at the same speed.802.11a = 54 Mb/s @ 5 GHz802.11b = 11 Mb/s @ 2.4 MHz802.11g = 54 Mb/s @ 2.4 MHz802.11n = 600 Mb/s @ 5GHz OR 2.4 MHz

How faster are pci than isa slots?

PCI = 533 MB/s max. ISA = 8 MB/s max. So 525MB/s faster.

How much is 100431 KB in MB?

Hi, It,s 100 MB

What is a good transfer rate?

In computer memory, this is entirely subjective based on your computer, your needs, and changing technology. Most modern computer memory is either DDR2 or DDR3. DDR2 averages from 800 MHz to 1066 MHz, or 6400 MB/s to 8500 MB/s. DDR3 can be from 6400 MB/s to as much as 17,600 MB/s. Typically, DDR2-1066 (8500 MB/s) is fine for most games, but of course faster is better.

Internet 15mb vs 1.5mb?

'15 mb' is 10 times as much data as '1.5 mb'. A '15 mb' file is 10 times as large as a '1.5 mb' file. '15 mb/s' is 10 times as fast as '1.5 mb/s'.

What does 1.92 MB mean?

The meaning of 1.92 mb may depend on how it is used. The proper meaning of mb is millibar(s), so in that context it would mean 1.92 millibars of barometric pressure. It is sometimes used improperly for megabyte(s), which should be abbreviated as MB.