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Q: 1/8 full rotation
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How long does it take for Uranus to do a full revolution?

Uranus takes 84 years to complete one whole orbit around the sun. It takes 17.9 or around about 18 hours to do one full rotation on it axis once

What is the rotation of Pluto?

the rotation ofpluto is 18 hours please like his :)

When was Heavy Rotation - song - created?

Heavy Rotation - song - was created on 2010-08-18.

How many hrs and mins less is the rotation of earth from mars?

For 360 deg. rotation (sidereal day), mars takes 41 minutes 18 seconds longer

How many electrons in the outer level to be full?

There are 18 electrons in the outer shell to make it full There are 18 electrons in the outer shell to make it full

How many sides does a regular polygon have that has an angle of rotation equal to 18 degrees?

If you mean a polygon with equal exterior angles of 18 degrees then it will have 360/18 = 20 sides.

How long do you have to wait to drive with a passenger at 18?

In the UK you do not have to wait or be 18, you need to have a full licence or have someone with you with a full licence

In a clock a large gear completes a rotation every 45 seconds and a smaller gear completes a rotation every 18 seconds How many seconds pass before the gear align again?

45= 9x5 18= 9x2 9x5x2=90 seconds pass before the gear align again

Does Neptune have a rotation?

Yes, Neptune rotates. Because it is made up of gasses, some of them rotate faster than others, so the rotation of different parts could be anywhere from about 12-18 hours.

How many complete rotation has the earth mad so far this month?

The Earth does a complete rotation on its axis every day. The Earth's rotation is the reason why we have night and day. So, if today is the 18th, the Earth has rotated 18 times this month.

Holes on a full gulf course?

There are 18 holes on a full golf course.

What are the families that contain a full octet of valence electrons?

Group 18, the noble gases, contain a full octet of electrons. However, helium only has the s orbital which is full at 2 electrons.

How old do you have to be to be working full time?

18 i think

What group has a full octet?

i believe its group 18

Which planets rotate the fastest?

Jupiter rotates the fastest, taking less than 10 hours to complete one rotation on it's axis. Saturn comes in second, taking just over 10 hours to complete one rotation. Uranus takes about 18 hours and Neptune takes about 19 hours. Earth, Mars, Mercury, and Venus all take at least a full Earth day to rotate once.

How big is a full size sheet cake?

Full sheet cake = 18 x 24 x 2 inches or 18 x 26 x 2

When is a chihuahua full grown?

18 months

When do you get your full license?

depends, in PA its 18

How long does it take a husky to reach full size?

About 18 months to get up to full weight.

Is the outer shell of argon full?

Yes it is . The outer argon is full becoz it has 18 electrons

When was Maria Full of Grace created?

Maria Full of Grace was created on 2004-01-18.

When was Throat Full of Heart created?

Throat Full of Heart was created on 2008-01-18.

When was Full Alert - film - created?

Full Alert - film - was created on 1997-07-18.

How many months equal 18 full moons?

One full moon is about 27.3 days, while the "average" month is 30.4 days, for a difference of 3.1 days per full moon. So 18 full moons equals 16.8 months. Approximately.

How many holes does a full game of mini golf have?

A full game of mini golf has 18 holes. This is the regulation number of holes by the World Mini Golf Sport Association. The world record score is 18 strokes on 18 holes.