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You might have worked on the radio and forgot to replug in the 'lights' button on the center console.

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Q: 1996 Miata Headlights stopped going back down when lights are off Any ideas?
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Why do your headlights flicker on 2005 silverado?

Flickering headlights on a 2005 Silverado may be caused by faulty relays or electrical wiring. The fuses and lights may also be going out.

The Headlights are malfunctioning on 1990 corvette. how do you adjust or fix?

If the headlights are not working correctly on a 1990 Corvette, the fuses or lights could be going out. Replace the old fuses and check that all wires connected to the lights are functioning correctly.

If a car is going the speed of light how fast would the headlights of the car be?

Sense you are going the speed of light the lights would not come on but the switch will still work.

Does Yamaha 125 cc have lights?

Yes. I have a Yamaha SR 125, 2000 model and it has headlights, indicator lights and brake lights. It also has a light behind the speedo so you know the speed you are going when it is dark.

How come the headlights won't go on on 2001 ford windstar?

The headlights of a Ford Windstar may have problems going on if they are burnt out or if there is a wiring problem. Blowing a headlight fuse will also lead to both lights not working.

What would cause your headlights and dash lights to dim or shut down while driving my 2006 F150 Supercrew?

your alternator is going bad

Why would both headlights of a 1996 Jetta cut out at once when the high beams and parking lights still work?

the dimmer switch is going out if you are experencing that.

How could you find out why a 1996 Thunderbird's headlights are going on and off?

You might have automatic lights. The sensor is on top of the dash on the left side. If you have that there is a switch to turn it off.

Why do your headlights Dim when you turn your Stereo up on your 2004 Chevy Impala LS?

It is important to know what is going on inside of a vehicle. The headlights dim when a stereo is turned on or turned up because power is being drawn away from the lights to the stereo.

Why would a 2002 Chevy Cavalier's brake lights and turn signals go out in the back without the reverse lights headlights running lights or brake bar going when it's not a fuse or a bulb?

Bad socket? Bad ground? Problem in steering column switch?

What are symptoms of an alternator going bad?

You may see the headlights and dash lights flicker at an idle. You may hear unusual noises coming from the alternator when the engine is running.

When turning on your head lights in the Honda civic the lights in the dashboard display councel does not come on making it difficult to see?

It might be either the fuse if its just the dash lights. Or if you're noticing the headlights are starting to go out as well the switch may be going bad and need replacement.

Why are your headlights dash lights and interior lights flickering on your 97 Taurus?

The switch for your lights is probably going bad or is dirty, you may also have a loose wire or connector. Find some way to spray WD40 inside the dash dimmer switch may help a lot.

Are LED headlights much brighter than regular headlights?

LED headlights are much brighter than normal headlights. Yes, if you see much brighter headlights on a car, they are most likely going to be LED headlights.

Why do lights stay on when motor off and doors locked in my 2004 Toyota 4 runner?

Good question but not enough information. Which lights? Inside lights? Headlights? dash lights? Door lights? All have their own areas. If it is the door lights then look at the switch in the door. Could be broken or loose. If it is the headlights then the relay for the lights is probably stuck, tap it with a spoon and see if anything happens. If not check it with a meter. Any other light I would suspect a faulty wiring or switch going on. Without specifics it would be hard to diagnose.

What would cause the headlight switch on an 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis to keep going out where as the headlights come on but the tail and dash lights don't and the fuse is good?

it's your headlight switch

What does never overdriving your headlights mean?

it means that your going to fast to stop when something comes into the view of your headlights.

With how many feet of an oncoming vehicle must you dim your bright headlights?

It perfectly depends on where you live or drive. You should dim your headlights right when you see another vehicle in front of you or right when you see the lights of another vehicle. It doesn't matter if you are seeing the tail lamp (both of you are traveling in the same direction), you should dim the lights or else it is going to make difficulties for the driver in front.

Why do fog lights turn on with headlights on Honda Del Sol?

Most likely they have been routed onto the same switch. You're going to have to find the wires and make sure they're spliced into their own switch and off of the main relay for the headlights. Find some wiring diagrams online

What could the problem be when you have no power to the ignition on a 1994 E350 1 ton your headlights interior lights and clearance lights all work the power instantly cut off while driving?

The starter in your E350 could be going bad. If the sensor or wiring is faulty, you will not get enough power.

Why does your headlights console lights and dome light dim when you hit the brakes on a 1999 Monte Carlo and the lights seem to pulse when the car is idling?

Sounds like your alternator is going bad. The extra juiced used when breaking robs power from the other lights. Pulsing when idling sounds like the voltage regulator which is built into the alternator. Have it replaced.

How do you get your 96 Ford Taurus headlights to go out when you checked the fuses and had to disconnect the battery?

You more than likely need to replace the headlight switch. Lights not going out when turned off is a symptom of a bad headlight switch.

Where on a 1991 ford probe lx would the switch to put the headlights up and down be?

The headlights go up and down when you turn the headlights on. If they are not going up or down they may be disconnected from the motor. You would have to take the headlights out to see if they are disconnected or not.

Where can one find more information about motorcycle headlights?

One can find more information about motorcycle headlights by going to the JP Cycles website. The website has a section dedicated to information about motorcycle headlights.

Why do your hi beam headlights go off while driving?

I had a problem with my headlights going off, not the high beams. Replaced the rectangular silver can thingy at the fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side. I put a higher rated one in, which is a no no, but it solved the problem of the headlights going out.