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There are 12 inches in one foot.

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Q: 1foot equals how many inches?
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Related questions

How many feet are in 10 inches?

ZERO! 1foot equals 12 inches!

50 inches equals how many yards?

1yars, 1foot, 2inches.

How many mm in 1foot?

1foot equals 304.8mm

How many inches are in 1foot?

12 inches

How many inches is 1foot?

12 inches = 1 foot

How many inches can go into a foot?


1foot equals how many cm?

1 foot is 30.48cm

How many inches are in 13 of a foot?

1foot= 12 inches 13 foot =156 inches

What is 1foot 9 inches in inches?

21 inches

How many centimeters equals 1 foot?

1foot=12inches and 1inch=2.54cm 12*2.54=30.48cm 1foot=30.48cm

1foot equals how many yards?

a third of a yard or 1/3 yard

Does 1yard equals 1foot?

1yard equals 3 feet

How many miles in 1foot and 3 inches?

(1 foot) plus (3 inches) = 0.000236742424 miles

How many inches are in 10'?

1 foot =12 inches 1foot (10)= 12inches(10) 10feet= 120 inches

How many meters in 1foot 11inches?

1 foot and 11 inches is 0.5842 meters.

How much is 1foot in inches?

One foot is 12 inches exactly.

Do 2 feet equal 12 inches?

No 1foot =12 inches

How many quarters are in 1foot?

There are 4 quarters in a foot each having a length of 3 inches

How many centimeters are there in 5feet 12 inches?

5 ft 12 inches is 6ft. 1foot = 30.48 cm, so answer = 182.88cm

What is 1foot?

A measure equivalent to 12 inches or 30.48 centimetres.

What fraction of 1foot is 9 inches?


How do you convert 8 feet to inches?

1foot = 12 inch8 foot = 96 inches

Is 1.2ft equal to 1foot 2 inches?

nope it s 14 .4 inches

How many inches are in 2yards and in 1foot?

that's easy uhhh Yards---72 inches 1 foot---12inches So that's 84 inches in total.

1foot equals how much feet?

1 foot = 1 foot.