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"kilo" is the prefix for 1000. It takes 1000 metre's to make a kilometre. So the anser is 1/1000 th. A metre is only part of a kilometre. Is it meter or metre?

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Q: 1meter is how many kilometer?
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What is bigger 1meter or 1 kilometer?

1m is 1000km so a kilometer is bigger.

Who many 2000mm equals cm?

Its 200cm. 1000mm=1meter. 100cm=1meter

How many inches are in 1meter?


How many km are in 1meter?


How many decimeter make 1meter?


How many cm are in 1meter?

100 cm

How many decimeters make 1meter?


How many centimeters makes 1meter?


10 square meters equals how many square feet?

10square meters x 3.28ft/1meter x 3.38ft/1meter= 107.584 sq.ft.

How many feet is 1meter 88 cm?

1meter 88cm = 188cm = 74.0157inches (rounded) = 6.168feet (rounded)

How many bricks in 1meter cub?

how many bricks in 1m cube

1meter equals how many cm?

1m = 100cm

How many centimeters are in 1meter?

There are 100 centimetres in 1 metre.

1meter cube is how many tons?

It depends on what the cube is made out of.

How many decimeters are in 1meter?

1 meter = 10 decimeters

1meter how many foot?

1 meter=3.2808399 feet

How many centimeters is in 1meter?

1 metre = 100 centimetres!

How many inches make a 1meter?

There are 39.37008 inches in a meter

How many decimetmeter 1meter?

1 m = 10 dm

What is the formula to convert meters into feet and inches?

1meter = 3.28084feet 1meter = 39.37inches 1meter = 3feet 3.37inches

Andy lives 6 kilometers from the mall he said he lives 600 meters away is andys statement resonable explain?

Yes, 1 kilometer is 1, 000 meters and 1meter is 4 feet

1meter equals how many millimeters?

1 meter = 1000 millimeters

1meter is equal to how many cm?

1 meter = 100 cm

1meter equals how many inches?

1 meter=39.37 inches

How many feet make 1meter?

3.281 feet = 1 metre.