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10a + 5b

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Q: 2(a plus b) plus 3(a plus b) plus 5a?
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Simplify 5a plus 4b - 3a?

5a + 4b - 3a =(5a - 3a) + 4b =2a + 4b =2 (a + 2b)

What is -5a plus 2b plus 3a plus b?

-2a plus 3b

What is 3a plus b-2a plus b?


What is 3a plus 2b-4a plus b?

The given expression can be simplified to: 3b-a

What is 3a plus 4 plus b plus 2a plus 5 plus b?

The idea here is to combine terms that have the same variable (or, in more complicated cases, the same combination of variables). For example, 3a + 2a is the same as 5a.

What is 3a plus 2b plus 3c plus 2a plus 4c plus b equals?

Gathering like terms together, this is equal to 5a + 3b + 7c.

What is 5a-7a plus b?


What is 2a plus 5a simplified?

It is: 2a+5a = 7a when simplified

What is the answer to a plus b plus c equals 180 b equals 3a c equals 5a?

a + b + c = 180 b = 3a c = 5a Substituting the values of b and c into the first equation. a + 3a + 5a = 180 or 9a = 180 so that a = 20 then b = 3a = 3*20 = 60 and c = 5a = 5*20 = 100

2a-4b plus 4b-6a equals a plus b?

2a-6a-a=b+4b-4b -5a=5b-4b -5a=1b a=-5 b=1

3a plus 2b - 6 - 2a - b plus 4?

= a + b - 2

A plus b plus c equals 180 b-3a and c equals 5a what the answer to c?

From your description, I get: a + b + c = 180b - 3a c = 5a You have two equations and three unknowns, which is unsolvable.

What does '2a 2b 3a 3b a b' equal?

2a+2b+3a+3b+a+b= 6a+6b 2a+3a+a=6a 2b+3b+b=6b

What is 7a plus 3b minus 5a minus 2b minus b?


What is the simplification for 3a plus 4b-5-a plus 7b plus 3-b?

3a + 4b - 5 - 1a + 7b + 3 - 1b 2a + 10b - 5 + 3 2a + 10b - 2

What is 15 minus a plus 9b - 11 plus 3a- b?

When simplified it is: 2a+8b+4

A plus b plus c equals 180 b equals 3a c equals 5a?

a = 20 b = 60 c = 100

What is 3a plus 2b-6-2a-b plus 4?

a + b - 2 is the answer in simplest terms. without telling us what a or b is this is the most accurate answer.

How do factor a trinomial using the ac method 10a2-27ab plus 5b2?

(2a - 5b)(5a - b)

What is 16a plus 3b-c-5a plus 3b plus 7c plus a equals?

12a + 6b + 6c = 6(2a + b + c)

P equals b plus 3a plus c solve for b?

p=b+3a+c p-3a-c=b+3a-3a+c-c p-3a-c=b b=p-3a-c

Factorise 2a to the power of 2 b plus 3a to power of 2 b to power of2-5abc equals?


Which expression is equivalent to (3a b)(2a - 4b)?

6a²b - 12ab²

What is 2a plus b?

2a+b=2a+b. Without a value for a and b, the expression has no value.

Simplify 2a -3 plus 4b - 2a -b -3 plus 5?

2a-3+4b-2a-b-2a-b-3+5 Can be simplified to: 3b-1