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How do you solve this equation 20h-40=8h+152 ?

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Q: 20h-40 equals 8h plus 152
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Why is N2 plus 8H plus 6e equals 2NH4 a reduction reaction?

this reaction is not possible.

What is 8h plus 7 equals -113 What does h equal?

minus 15.

What does h equal when 8h plus 7 equals -113?

8h+7=-113 -113+7==106/8=h=-13.25 h=-13.25

8h-10h equals 3h plus 25?

8h - 10h = 3h + 25-2h = 3h + 25-5h = 25-h = 5h = -5

What is the value of h in this problem 5h plus 11 equals 13h-21?

5h+11=13h-21 -5h +21 -5h +21 32=8h /8 /8 4=h

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oxidation number of S is +6.It oxidize into SO4 ^-2

What is the for 8h-10h equals 3h plus 25?

h = -5 8h - 10h = 3h + 25 -2h = 3h + 25 -2h - 3h = 3h - 3h + 25 -5h = 25 h = -5 CHECK: 8(-5) - 10(-5) = 3(-5) + 25 -40 - -50 = -15 + 25 -40 + 50 = 10 10 = 10 CORRECT

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Which reactant is the oxidizing agent in 2H aq plus Mgs equals Mg2 aq plus H2g?

Simply remember OIL RIG. Oxidation Is Loss (of electron) and Reduction Is Gain (of electron). In the case of MnO4-(aq) + 8H+(aq) + 5e- --> Mn2+(aq) + 4H2O(l) H is the oxidizing agent, because it causes Mn to be oxidized to Mn2+.

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(C 8H 8) n

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C4H8 + 6O2 ---> 4CO2 + 4H2O 4C --> 4C 8H --> 8H : (4*2) 12O -->12O : (6*2) --> (4*2) + 4

What a balanced and unbalanced chemical equation looks like?

Unbalanced: C3H8 + O2 -> H2O + CO2 (Left side: 3C, 8H, 2O; Right side: 1C, 2H, 3O) Balanced: C3H8 + 5O2 -> 4H2O + 3CO2 (Left side: 3C, 8H, 10O; Right side: 3C, 8H, 10O)

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