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In order for this to be answered you will have to find the value of K. Then you will minus that by 22.

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Q: 22 minus k algebraic expression
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Write an algebraic expression for this word expression a number k minus 2.5?

k-2.5 An algebraic expression is just using variables (in this case, k) for unknown numbers. Since the question is asking what the number k minus 2.5 is, your answer is k-2.5.

Write a word phrase that describes the algebraic expression k 3 - 7?

It is suppose to be k/3 minus 7

How do you change 14 less than the quantity k times 6 to an algebraic expression?

Algebraic expression 14 less than the quantity k times 6

What is the algebraic expression to 15-k?


Which algebraic expression for six less than k?

k - 6

What is the algebraic expression 7 times k?

It is: 7k

What is 6 times a number plus k?

The algebraic expression is 6x+k

What algebraic expression represents k more than 10?

k > 10

How do you write algebraic expression in words for k plus 2.5?

k added to 2.5

How would two-thirds of 'k' be written in algebraic expression?


Write a numerical or algebraic expression for the word expression. One hundred divided by the sum of k and m.?


How do you write a verbal expression for each algebraic expression?

the + of a number and 10 k decreased by 4 = k-4

What is three less than K?

As an algebraic expression it is: k-3

What is the algebraic expression the product of k and -91?

y = -91k ( or -y = 91k)

What is the algebraic expression for 8 more then the product of 23 and k?


What is 3 plus the product of 14 and k?

As an algebraic expression it is: 3+14k

What is the simplified form of the expression (5.23x plus 3.76) and minus (3.67x and minus 6.39)?


What is the algebraic expression for 5 less than the product of 8 and k?


What is an algebraic expression 4.7 less than a number k?

It is simply: k -4.7

What is add 2 times of k and one-third in algebraic expression?

2k + 1/3

What is the algebraic expression for sixty less than the product of 5 and a number k?

It is: 5k-60

How do you write an algebraic expression for14 less than the quantity k times 6?


How would you write the algebraic expression double k then subtract 5?

If you mean: kk-5 then it can be k^2-5 But if you mean: k+k-5 then it can be 2k-5

Which is a constant in the expression six j minus one plus two k is it the 1 6j 2 or k?

None of them. It is -1.

How many like terms are in the expression fourteen k plus 3 j minus 8 h minus 3 k plus 3 plus h k 2?

One triplet (k) and two pairs (h and number). 3j has no like term.