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Three and seven-eighths

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Q: 2 and three fourths plus 1 and one eighth equals what?
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What is one fourths plus two fourths equals?

three fourths

What does three-fourths plus three-eighths plus four-fourths equal?

Seventeen eighths or two and an eighth.

One fourth plus two fourths equals what?

three fourths

What is two and three fourths plus two and three fourths plus three fourths plus three fourths?


Three fourths B plus 5 equals 14?


what is two-fourths plus three-eighths equals to?

why who are you

What is 3 and three fourths plus 3?

Three and three fourths plus three is six and three fourths.

What does one eighth plus three fourths in fractions?

1/8 + 3/4= 7/8

What is three fourths plus one eighth?

The sum of 3/4 and 1/8 is 7/8.

Adding mixed numbers?

Six and three fourths plus four and three tenths equals

What does two-fourths plus two-eigths equal?

two fourths equals one half two eighths equals one quarter one half plus one quarter is three quarters. Or, two fourths equals four eighths four eighths plus two eighths equals six eighths six eighths equals three quarters.

If there is half a circle a quarter circle and an eighth of a circle how much more of the circle is needed to make it whole?

Half circle plus quarter circle is equal to three-fourths of a circle. Three-fourths of a circle plus one eighth of a circle is seven-eighths. You still need one more eighth to complete the circle.

What is one and three fourths plus one and three fourths?

1.75 + 1.75 = 3.5 One and three fourths plus one and three fourths is three and a half.

What does three eighths plus three eighths plus one eighth plus one eighth equals?

3/8 + 3/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 = 1

What is one-half plus three-fourths?

What is one half plus three fourths?One half plus three fourths is, 1 and 1/4.

What is negative three fourths plus one eighth?

The sum of -3/4 and 1/8 is -5/8.

What is two fourths plus two fourths?

Two-fourths plus two-fourths equals 4/4 (four-fourths) or 1.

What is one-eighth plus three-fourths?

1/8 + 3/4 is the same as 1/8 + 6/8 which is the same as 7/8.

What is 5 sixths plus 1 eighth?

3 fourths

What is 2 plus 10 plus 1 and three fourths?

13 and three fourths

What is three fourths plus twelve?

Twelve and three fourths.

What is one tenths plus three fourths?


What is one half plus three fourths?

One half plus three fourths is equal to five fourths or 5/4.

What is 3 fourths plus 3 eighths?

one and one eighth

What is three fourths plus one eights?

Three fourths plus one eight is 1 whole