2 equal diameters equal

Updated: 11/10/2020
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Yes, any two equal things are equal!

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Q: 2 equal diameters equal
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How many diameters equal a circumference?

circumference = 2 x pi x radius which is the same as pi x diameter so the answer is pi.

The diameter of one circle is 2 feet longer than the diameter of another circle together the diameters equal 20 feethow long is each diameter r?

10 ft

How many earth diameters would equal the dis tance from the earth to the moon?

Probably only like one or 2 so because in difference the earth is much Larger than the Moon

What are the most common size in diameters for a household drain?

The size of pipe to be used in a house drain is determined by the number of units drained by it. Proper diameters are: for 2 units, 1 1/2"; for 9 units, 2"; for 25 units, 2 1/2".

What is the raduis of 58 diameters?

If the diameter is 58 then the radius is 58/2 = 29

How many times can 2 circles with different diameters intersect?

Twice max.

What is the intersection of 2 diameters of a circle called?

locus * * * * * A more likely answer is "the centre of the circle".

How many moon diameters is it from the horizon to the zenith?

It is approximately 3 moon diameters from the horizon to the zenith.

How many inches would be 2 meteres diameters?

Two metres equates to approximately 78.74 inches.

The diameter of earth is 12,757 kilometers the diameter of satum is 120,664 the diameters of uranus is 51,499 is the sum of these three plantes diameters more or less than jupiter diameter of 142,804 kilometers by how much answer?

why does Boone got the answer I need help for a reason

How do you divide a circle into 8 equal parts using 3 lines?

Draw two diameters perpendicular to each other. Draw a smaller circle with the same centre such that the radius of the inner circle is 'r' and the radius of the outer circle is 'r√2.' [Or, the radius of the outer circle is R and the radius of the inner circle is R/√2.]

How many diameters is it if it is 4 by 4 inches?

diameter is is straight going through the center of curved shape connects 2 points toghter