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Yes, 3+11=14

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Q: 3 is a solution for the equation x plus 11 equals 14?
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Related questions

What is A plus 4 equals 11?

It's a first-degree equation in 'A'. Its solution is [ A = 7 ].

Which ordered pair is a solution of y equals -3x plus 11?

There are an infinite number of ordered pairs that satisfy the equation.

How many solutions are there to the equation below 15x plus 11 equals 8x?

Since the highest power of 'x' in the equation is '1', there's one solution.

How many solutions are there to the equation below8x plus 11 equals 8x plus 8?

There is no solution. There is no number that can be put in place of 'x' that can make that statement true.

What is the equation of 3d plus 14 equals 11?

3d + 14 = 11 is the equation.

What is y equals x plus 11?

An equation

What does x equals in the equation 2x plus 3 equals 11?


What is 8n plus 11 equals 4 plus 10n minus 11?

It is an equation and the value of n is 9

What is 32'9 and 11 16 plus 32'9 and 11 16 equal?

There is no solution to the equation 32'9 and 11 16 plus 32'9 and 11 16.

What is x plus y equals 11?

It is an equation of a straight line.

What 6x plus 3 equals 4x plus 11?

It is an equation and the value of x is 4

Is there an answer for 8 plus 3x equals x plus 11 plus 2x?

No because: 8+3x=x+11+2x (rewrite equation) 8+3x=11+3x (combine like terms) 8=11 (subtract 3x from both sides) This is obviously a false statement, so there is no solution or answer to the equation.

3 plus 6x equals 11-4y?

You'll need another equation to solve this one. The equation you give has a graph that is a line. Every point on the line is a solution to the equation so there are infinitely many solutions.

What is the solution to 2x plus 5 equals 11?

X = 6

What is a points for the solution -5x plus 3y equals -11?


What property does the equation 19 plus 11 equals 11 plus 19 settle in?

The Abelian (commutative) property of integers under addition.

What is the Definition of 5x plus 1 equals 11?

It is a linear equation in one variable.

What is the range of the equation y equals -x - 2 plus 11?

y ∈ ℜ

What is -37 equals 3x plus 11-7x?

It is an equation and the value of x is 12

What is the discriminant for this equation x2-3x plus 5 equals 0?

The discriminant is -11.

What is the equation to y plus 5 equals 11?

If: y+5 = 11 Then: y = 6

What is the equation to y plus 15 equals 11?

If: y+15 = 11 Then: y = -4

What is the solution of the equation x plus 5 equals 16?

Thje 'solution' is the number that 'x' must be in order to make the equationa true statement.x + 5 = 16Subtract 5 from each side of the equation:x = 11

What does the x mean in 3x plus 11 plus 5x equals 75 x means?

x in the equation equals 8 x=8 3*8+11+5*8=75

Is x equals -3 a solution to the equation 2x plus 8 equals 3x plus 11?

According to my calculations, yes. 2x+8=3x+11 -8 2x=3x+3 -2x 0=x+3 -3 -3=x