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Q: What does x equals in the equation 2x plus 3 equals 11?
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How Do you Graph The Following Equation -2x plus 3y equals 1?

-2x plus 3y equals 1

What is the linear equation of y equals 2x plus 1?

y = 2x + 1 IS a linear equation!

How do you add 2x plus 3y equals 18 in 5x-y equals 11?

How do you add 2x plus 3y equals 18 in 5x-y equals 11

What is the answer to the equation 2x plus 3 equals 9 x equals?


2x plus 3y-5 plus -3y-6 equals?


What is 7x-2x equals 7 plus -2x?

It is an equation and the value of x is 1

5x plus 2y equals -18 2x - 3y equals -11?

Multiply the top equation by 3 and the bottom equation by 2. (-4, 1)

Is -2x squared plus 2x plus 1 equals 9 a quadratic equation?

Yes it is. The thing that makes it a quadratic equation is that "x squared" in there.

What does y equals 2x plus 3 equal?

It equals to the equation of a straight line.

Is x equals -3 a solution to the equation 2x plus 8 equals 3x plus 11?

According to my calculations, yes. 2x+8=3x+11 -8 2x=3x+3 -2x 0=x+3 -3 -3=x

What is the solution for the equation -x plus y equals 4 and the equation 2x plus y equals 4?

x = 0 and y = 4

What is the equation of x equals 4?


What is -2x squared plus 3x plus 5 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation.

How can you get coefficients that are equal for y. 3x plus 5y equals 7 2x plus 15y equals 11?

Multiply the first equation by 3 to give 9x + 15y = 21

Solve the equation 2x plus 7 equals 79?


What is 3 plus y equals 2x?

It is the equation of a sraight line.

What is 2X plus 4Y equals eight?

It is a straight line equation.

2x plus y equals 25 x plus y equals 14?

2x + y = 25 x + y = 14 Subtract second equation from the first: x = 11 Substitute this value of x in the second equation: 11 + y = 14 ie y = 3

What is 3x plus 4 equals 19 minus 2x?

An equation where x equals 3.

What is the answer to this equation y equals -2x plus 3?

y=-2x+3 is an equation. It does not have an answer. If the question is "what if y=0?" then the answer is x=3/2.

What is A equation for -2x plus 8 equals 7x-10?

-2x + 8 = 7x - 10 is technically an equation, in and of itself.

How do you solve the equation 4 plus x equals 2x?

4+ X equals 2X. Subtract X from both sides. Four equals X

What is 4x plus 2x plus 2 equals 26?

It is an equation and the value of x is 4

What is x plus 4 equals 2x plus 3?

It is an equation and the value of x is 1

What is the 5x plus 3 equals 2x plus 9?

It is an equation and the value of x is 2