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a triangular prism easy

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Q: 3d shape 5 faces pair of parallel faces 3 of the faces are the same shape?
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How do you label parallel lines?

To indicate that a pair of lines are parallel you mark them both with an arrow. If there is another pair of parallel lines on the same shape you mark those with a double arrow.

What shape has 4 sides 1 pair of parallel sides and no sides are the same length?

A trapezoid

What other shape has 6 faces but faces are not the same shape?

I dont know the answer............................

How many shape of faces are there in a cube?

The faces of a cube are all the same shape - a square.

Is a parallelogram a trapezium?

NO!!!! Parallelogram : Two pairs of parallel lines ; The each pair of parallel lines is the same length. Trapezium ; One pair of parallel lines, that are not the same length. The other two sides can be the same length , but not parallel. Both figures/shapes are quadrilaterals.

What faces of the cuboid are of the same shape and size?

Opposite faces.

Does the rhombus and the parallelogram have uneven sides?

Not exactly. They are two names for the same shape. The typical shape consists of a four-sides figure with opposite sides (and angles) equal. Each pair of parallel sides are the same length.

What 3d shape has 4 faces with all faces the same shape?

A regular tetrahedron (triangular pyramid).

All faces are the same shape and it has four faces i am a 3d shape what am I?

3d shape Well actually it is a Cube

Which solid shape has 6 faces all the same size?


What shape has 4 faces that are all the same shape?

a triangular pyramid.

What is the shape of a parallelogram?

A parallelogram is a plane, or two-dimensional shape that is bounded by four straight lines which form its sides. Each pair of opposite sides consists of parallel and congruent (same length) lines.