3m2 plus 6m2 divide by 3m?

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3 meters.


Divide both sides by 1m




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Q: 3m2 plus 6m2 divide by 3m?
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What is the factor of the trinomial 3m2 plus 11mn plus 6n2?


How do you simplify18m3 plus 9m2 plus 12m over 3m2?

You can take 3m out of both of them, leaving 6m^2 + 3m + 4 over m

How do you factorise 6m2-3mp?

6m2 - 3mp =m (6m - 3p) =3m (2m - p)

How do you factor 6m2 - 11m - 10?

(3m + 2)(2m - 5)

What is 3 meters by 2 meters in square meters?

3m x 2m = 6 m2

What is the GCF of the first two terms of the last two terms for the polynomial 2m3 plus 6m2 plus 3m plus 9?

The GCF of the coefficients and constants i 1. The GCF of the variables is also 1.

How do you factor 3m2 plus 32m plus 64 and please explain?

It's not very scientific, but I usually solve these things with a mixture of common sense and trial and error. Call it educated guessing. The 3 in 3m2 only has two factors, so your brackets will start out with 3m and m. (3m )(m ) All of the operational signs are pluses. The brackets will have them too. (3m + )(m + ) Now you're looking for factors of 64 that will solve the equation. 64 only has four factor pairs, so it won't take long to try them all. 64 and 1 won't work. 32 and 2 won't work. 16 and 4 won't work. (3m + 8)(m + 8) Check it using the FOIL method. (First, Outside, Inside, Last) 3m x m = 3m2 3m x 8 = 24m 8 x m = 8m (24m + 8m = 32m) 8 x 8 = 64 (3m + 8)(m + 8) = 3m2 + 32m + 64. It checks.

What is 9m plus 9m plus 3m plus 3m equals?

9m + 9m + 3m + 3m = 24m

What is the answer for 3m plus 7 equals 5?

3m + 7 = 5 Subtract 7 from both sides: 3m = -2 Divide both sides by 3: m = -2/3

What does -3m plus 5 equals -22 equals?

If -3m+5=-22, then you do this math: -22-5= -3m. -22-5=-27, so if you take the negative signs away from -27 and -3m, divide 27 by 3 to get 9, therefore m=9.

What is 3m plus 2 equals 17?

3m+2=17 First, subtract 2 to get m on one side. 3m+2-2=17-2 3m=15 Divide by 3 to get m by itself. 3m/3=15/3 m=5 m equals 5.

-3m plus 8-7?

-3m + 8 - 7 = -3m + 1

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