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Q: What is the factor of the trinomial 3m2 plus 11mn plus 6n2?
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What is the numerical coefficient of 3m2?

It is -3

Different types of factoring?

There are 4 major different types of Factoringwhich are called+Common Factoring+Difference of a Square+Simple Trinomial+Complex TrinomialThe first one is the basic you learn this in elementary school. An example of this is:5x2 - 15xTo Solve it would be:5x2 - 15x5x(x-3)5x= 05x/5=0/5 *Note / means dividex=0The Second is Difference of Square an example of this one: Btw for this factor u need to Set Each Factor to 0x2 -49=0(x+7)(x-7)=0x+7=0 OR x-7=0x=-7 x=+7The Third is Simple Trinomial Factoring which is alittle bit tricky here's an example:x2-2x-15=0 Now for this factoring you need to find what two numbers mulitply with the last term( ur c value its -15) and adds to the middle term (ur b value its -2x)So the best way to figure this out is to do this trick find all numbers that make a 15 that and add to each other to make a -15-15/ \1 -153 -5(X+3)(x-5)=0x+3=0 OR x-5=0x=-3 x=5The Fourth and Last is the Most flipped up one because there's 2 Methods of doing it! The First Method is called Australian Method which is less steps(not really) for solving but you have to understand it! And the Second Method is called Decomposition which has equal amount of steps and is Waaaaaay easier to understand if ur the type who likes Step-by-step. Now I'm going to show you each method with the sample example and with the step next 2 them.Australian: Step 1:Write the coefficient at the front of eachbracket& as a denominator;break the letter term upStep2: Multiple 1st&last (which is 3m2 and -4 which makes an overall -12)3m2 -11m-4Stp1:(3m-12)(3m+1) Step 3: Find two #'s that multiply to -12 & add to -11____________33(m-4)(3m+1) Step4: Common Factor___________3(m-4)(3m+1) Step5: Get rid of DemoniatorDecomposition:Step0: Look for Common Factor!Step1: Multiply 1st & Last #s (which is -12)Step 2: Find two #'s that multiply to -12 & add to -11(which are -12,+1)3m2 -11m-4 Step 3:Break the middle term into a sum of these two #s (which makes it be -12m+m)3m2-12m+m-4 Step4:Take everything common3m(m-4)+1(m-4)(m-4)(3m+1) Step5: Factor by groupingAnd TA-DA UR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDSo these were your 4 different types of Factoring! I hope u can understand my "lesson" if that's what u wanna call this. Now i gotta get back to studying for my freaking math test that's tomorrow, and as u can tell I'm doing an "all-nighter". So have a "fun" time trying to understand this(doubt there is such thing as *fun* in math), if i made u even more confused well than all i came do is say my bad get a tuitor or ask a teacher. Umm if u have anymore questions than just comment on this post.... :DLater ppls~ xDYula K.P.S this is my first post so don't except perfect especially with how my post looks I'm extremely frusterated with how it looks soo try ur best to understand this chaos...Soooooooo Sorrry

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How can you factor by groupig 4 3xy-6y-2x?


What is the factor of 3m2 30m 63?

Assuming the missing symbols are pluses, that factors to 3(m + 3)(m + 7)

How do you simplify18m3 plus 9m2 plus 12m over 3m2?

You can take 3m out of both of them, leaving 6m^2 + 3m + 4 over m

What year Yamaha is this 3m2-104729?

MX 175 F 1979 = Start Engine#: 3M2-000101 MX 175 G 1980 = Start Engine#: 3M2-100101

3 + 4 = C?

To solve this, you find out what 3m2= (3 meters squared). 3m2= 9, and 4m2= 16.

What is the numerical coefficient of 3m2?

It is -3

How do you factor 3m2 plus 32m plus 64 and please explain?

It's not very scientific, but I usually solve these things with a mixture of common sense and trial and error. Call it educated guessing. The 3 in 3m2 only has two factors, so your brackets will start out with 3m and m. (3m )(m ) All of the operational signs are pluses. The brackets will have them too. (3m + )(m + ) Now you're looking for factors of 64 that will solve the equation. 64 only has four factor pairs, so it won't take long to try them all. 64 and 1 won't work. 32 and 2 won't work. 16 and 4 won't work. (3m + 8)(m + 8) Check it using the FOIL method. (First, Outside, Inside, Last) 3m x m = 3m2 3m x 8 = 24m 8 x m = 8m (24m + 8m = 32m) 8 x 8 = 64 (3m + 8)(m + 8) = 3m2 + 32m + 64. It checks.

3m2 plus 6m2 divide by 3m?

3 meters. 9m2/3m Divide both sides by 1m 9m/3 Simplify 3m

How many square centimeters are in 3m2?

30,000 cm^2

What does m2 mean?

Square Metre ...... eg 3m2 = 3 square metres

A child needs an area of 3m2 how many children can be in a building that is measured 30m by 80m?


What is 3m2 in square feet?

I assume you mean 3 square meters? If so it is = to 32.29 sq. ft.