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Feet and feet are the same measurement. Therefore, 40 feet is equal to 40 feet.

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Q: 40 foot tree equals how many feet?
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How many meters in a 10 foot tree?

10 feet = 3.04800 meters

How many feet of garland for a 6 foot Christmas tree?

9 foot of garland for every foot of height. 6x9= 54.

How many meters is in 50 foot?

15.24 meters per 50 feet.

How many meters is a 50 foot tree?

A tree is not metres. If its height is 50 feet, then its height is equivalent to 15.24 metres. (rounded)

How many cubic feet tall is the largest sequoia tree?

A cubic foot is a measure of volume, not of length or height.

How much garland do you need for a 7 foot tree?

21 feet

A tree cast a 24-foot shadow at the same time a fence post 5 feet high cast a 4-foot shadow how tall is the tree?

It works out as 30 feet in height

What is something 75 feet long?

A 75 foot long wire. A 75 foot tall tree.

How tall is a twelve foot tree in millimeters?

12 feet is 3,657.6 millimeters.

What is the number of 10 foot posts required to construct a rectangular log crib using the post offset design given the roadway width equals 30 feet and the average tree diameter equals 12 inches?


Is a foot just 1 and feet means more than 1?

A foot is one foot. Feet is plural. It is used for any value that is not one. For example: This tree is a foot tall. Leave a foot between desks for the test. My house is 13 feet tall. 3 inches is 0.25 feet. A mile is 5280 feet.

When a tree cast a 20 foot shadow a man 6 feet tall casts a 3 foot shadow how tall is the tree?

The man is twice as high as his shadow. Therefore, the tree must also be twice as high as its shadow, which would make the tree 40 feet tall.

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