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A foot is one foot.

Feet is plural. It is used for any value that is not one.

For example:

This tree is a foot tall.

Leave a foot between desks for the test.

My house is 13 feet tall.

3 inches is 0.25 feet.

A mile is 5280 feet.

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Q: Is a foot just 1 and feet means more than 1?
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Why do you say 3 foot ladder instead of 3 feet ladder?


What is difference between foot and feet?

foot is one feet is more than one

Which is more 2 inches or 1 foot?

There are 12 inches in 1 foot, so 2 multiplied by 12 equals 24 inches, therefore the answer the question is 2 feet is longer than 20 inches.

What are the difference between foot and feet in measurement?

foot is singular and so suggests 1 foot whereas feet is plural suggesting 2 or more feet. Though having said that, foot is often used when feet would be properly correct, eg "I am 6 foot 1 tall" should really be "I am 6 feet 1 inch tall".

How many foot in feet?

feet as in plural? then more then two....

Is foot more than one?

One foot. Two feet.

Is 8 gallons more then 1 cubic foot?

Yes, just slightly more: 8 US gallons = 1.06944 cubic feet.

How far is a foot?

"1 feet" is not a proper term. It is either "one foot" or two or more "feet." Sometimes you will see "1 feet" on forms or other places, because the person who made the form or whatever did not make it so that the word would change to "foot" when it was just one. But it is still incorrect to say "one feet."

Is foot and feet in math the same thing?

In math, "foot" and "feet" refer to units of measurement for length. They are equivalent: 1 foot is equal to 12 inches, and 1 foot is also equal to plural form feet. So, in math, foot and feet are essentially the same thing when referring to measurement.

Is feet plural to foot?

The noun 'foot' has an irregular plural, whether it is a part of the body or a measurement of length that is being referred to. One foot, two (or more!) feet.

1feet equals to how many foot?

You can't have 1 feet any more than you can have 1 mice: foot is singular, feet is plural.

How much more space in a 25 cubic foot refrigerator and a 20.7 cubic foot tefrigerator?

(25 cubic feet) - (20.7 cubic feet) = 4.3 cubic feet