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37 is the length of both legs of a 45 degree triangle. 37 x 37 = 1369; half of 1369 = 684.5; the square root of 684.5 = 26.16295. So looking at a layout box you are entering a corner of the end of the box that measures 26.163 high and 26.163 wide. The measurement from corner-to-corner of this end of the box measures 37...which is the same distance as the advance.

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Q: 45 rolling offset - the advance is37 what is the travel center to center?
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Formula for a 45 degree offset?

1.4142 will give the travel piece center to center

What is the formula for a rolling offset with 2 45's?

There are many types of rolling offsets. 2 common are rolling offset using 45 degree fittings and a rolling offset using any angle. using 45's Rise: elevation change roll: run of the pipe moving to the left or right Travel: the run of pipe to make the offset Simple formula Travel = SQRT((rise(squared) + Roll(squared) ) x 2) rise = 10" roll= 16" Travel=? travel= SQRT ( ((10 x 10) + (16 x 16)) x 2 ) travel= SQRT ( ((100) + (256)) x 2 ) travel= SQRT ( ( 356 ) x 2 ) travel= SQRT ( 712 ) Travel= 26.68333 or 26-11/16"

Calculate 45 degree offset when the travel is known?

A 45 degree offset has a travel of 200mm. calculate the rise of the offset.

What is the formula for a rolling offset?

Offset=Square Root of Roll squared+ Rise squaredFor Example:To find the travel and run for a 45 degree rolling offset with a roll of 11.5 inches and a rise of 15.5 inches:Solution Steps:Offset= Square Root of 11.5 inches squared +15.5 inches squaredOffset= Square Root of 132.25 inches+240.25 inchesOffset= Square Root of 372.5 inchesOffset= 19.3 or 19 5/16 (closest 16th of an inch)

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what- how far does a point on a rolling pin travel after one complete revolution if the rolling pin has a radius of 3.8 centimeters?

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What does run and travel mean in pipefitting terms?

the terms are part of the offset dimensions: set=perpeendicular distance run=linear distance Travel=Hypotenuse of the 2 dimensions (or true length) for further info on this and other pipefitting resource :

How far does a point on a rolling pin travel after one complete revolution if the rolling pin has a radius of 3.8 centimeters?

about 23.9 centimeters

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