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twenty five percent

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Q: 467student in a class 350 are girls how many percentage are boys?
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Half of a class were girls what percentage of the class were boys?


25 are in the class 12 girls and 13 boys what percentage is boys?


How do you work out what percentage of the class are girls if there are eighteen boys and fifteen girls?

You addthem up and then divide it by the numbers. (i think).

What percentage of a class are boys if there are 10 girls and 18 boys?

18 boys in a class of 10+18 = 28 represents 100*18/28 = 64.29% okok thank you

What percentage of gender attend Princeton university?

50% boys 50% girls (for class of '12)

The ratio of boys to girls in a computer class 5 3 there are 27 girls in the class how many boys are in the class?

45 boys are in the class

If there are 23 boys and 21 boys in class A, Class B has 21 boys and 22 girls. How many girls and boys are there in Class A and B?


Does pioneer school different class for boys and girls?

yes there is difftrent class for boys and girls

There are boys and girls in a class If the number of girls is multiplied by two and added to the number of boys in the class the sum is 30 If the number of girls is multiplied by two and the number?

there are 12 boys in the class

In a class there are 18 boys and 7 girls What fraction of the class are girls?

Divide the number of girls by the total number of children (boys + girls).

What fraction of the class is girls and what fraction of the class is boys?

The girls are 100% of the females and the boys are 100% of the males

Charlotte's class has 21 girls and 14 boys what it the ratio of girls to boys in her class?

21 to 14