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There are: 48 times 12 = 576 eggs

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Q: 48 cartons of eggs there are 12 eggs in each cartons how many eggs in all?
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How many eggs are in England?

all of the eggs in England, is how many there are...

Do thunderstorms kill chicken eggs?

It can do i had two hens sitting with six eggs each they both hatched three chicks all eggs had chicks in them but three from each had died in the eggs

How many chickens can be born at a time?

9999999999999999999 yup and then you losers It all depends on how many eggs you have that are fertile a hen will sit on many eggs at a time or you can have an incubator which that all depends on what size your incubator is only one chick is born out of each egg.

Does all butterflies lay their eggs in scattered bunches?

No, each species has its specific method/pattern of laying eggs. Some lay eggs singly, some in clusters, some in pyramids, others in stacks ... there are many patterns of laying eggs.

You have got three eggs in the pot you want to boil them and each egg takes 3 minutes of boiling how many minutes will you have to wait till the eggs are ready?

this is a trick question if you boil the water in the pan and place all three eggs inside at the same time then it will only take 3 minutes for all the eggs to be ready

How many pairs of chromosomes are they in one human cell?

There are 46 chromosomes in all human cells, except for sperm and eggs, which each have 23.

How many eggs are cracked each year?

Last year the US produced roughly 75 billion eggs, about 10% of the world's supply. It's safe to assume all those were cracked eventually.

What are the different kinds of eggs?

There are many different types of eggs. Cage free, duck eggs, aracauna eggs, and albumen are all different types of eggs.

How many eggs are produced?

I'm not sure exactly how many, but a girl is born with all the eggs she will need in her lifetime

What is the purpose of the ovaries in the human body?

The ovaries house all of the eggs that women have and releases one during each ovulation. Women only have so many eggs in her lifetime and cannot create new eggs like men can create new sperm.

How many babies can stick insects have?

I had 8 stick insects and all together they had 2100 eggs. So if u divide them by 8, its about 260 each!

How many animal lay eggs?

Many different types of animals lay eggs. It is not possible to list them all. Insects, most fish, amphibians, birds, and reptiles all lay eggs, as do many others. Some mammals - namely the platypus and the echidna - also lay eggs.

How many eggs did a Spinosaurus lay?

Actually im not even sure if they lay eggs at all

How many eggs should a person consume?

you dont have to eat eggs at all if you dont want to

How many eggs do turtles lay at one time?

Turtles usually lay about 100 or more eggs each time. However, not all of these babies will survive into adulthood. In most cases, only one turtle will survive.

Do the ovaries alternate monthly the release of eggs?

What happens is there is a thing which holds all the eggs. Each month, the thing (I forgot the name) gets all full and has to release one egg, because your body produces eggs everyday. And that's all. Save

Why do chickens lay eggs all the time instead of when they are broody?

They lay eggs when they feel safe and are not crowded by too many eggs.

Why do femals have periods?

to get rid of all the unused eggs in the female body it makes alot of eggs each moth and if you don't use them(pregnant) you have a period

Why does a female herring lay many eggs?

In all fishes most of eggs are lost during development hence they produce large no of eggs .

Do all eggs have shells?

No, there are many different sorts of "eggs" that are covered with gel, mucus, or some other sort of covering. Frog eggs and fish eggs such as caviar are examples of eggs that do not have shells.

How many eggs could a penguin lay each day?

0 each day, Penguins lay one egg each year in the mating season when the female and male take turns sitting on the egg while the other goes to the sea to get food. The eggs usually hatch when all the females are away and the father looks after them as chicks.

How many eggs can a bantam set?

about 6 each from experience, have large fluffy bums to keep young warm. remember not all will hatch though. happy hatching;)

What is a vertebrate with scaly skin that lays eggs?

Reptiles are all vertebrates with scaly skin, and many of them lay eggs. 70% of snakes lay eggs, while most lizards also lay eggs. Alligators and crocodiles lay eggs, and all known turtles and tortoises lay eggs.

How many eggs will a shark lay at once?

Not all sharks lay eggs, you will need to specify the type of shark.

Why dont birds need to lay so many eggs?

The birds do not need to lay so many eggs because the probability of all the eggs getting hatched is higher compared to the amphibians. Secondly, the predators that feed on the eggs are fewer as compared to the other animals that lay very many eggs.