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4 girls= 8 legs

3(2 cats= 8 legs+2 kittens= 8 legs)

8+48 = 56

there are 56 legs..

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Work it out backwards... 1 cat has 2 kittens (which equals 3) and there are 2 cats with 2 kittens in each basket so there is 6 in 1 basket alone. There are 3 baskets so each girl will have a total of 18 cats. So therefore, between all 4 girls, there are 72 cats.\ :D

If the question is asking how many kittens there are, my answer is 48 KITTENS.

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The short story of the Three Little Kittens is a beloved tale told to children. In this story, three little kittens have lost their mittens and are not sure where to find them. Their mother helps them to find their mittens and then puts them to bed.

Kittens can go outside whenever you want them to. but, however, if the kittens were born inside you may want to let them outside little at a time.

I think Kittens. Yes kittens because they are cuter and tinier and softer and furrier, specially cute little sand kittens. Hoped I helped :)

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