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Area of first piece = 5 yards * 60 inches = 300 inch-yards

Suppose length of equivalent area of 57" fabric is x yards

then x*57 = 300 or x = 300/57 = 5.26 yards (approx).

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Q: 5 yards of 60'' wide fabric equals how many yards of 57'' wide fabric?
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How many yards of fabric for 6 feet wide 57 inches long?

If you are working with standard 44/45" wide fabric, to cover this area you will need 4 yards.

How many yards in a bolt?

A bolt of cotton fabric for quilting is usually 15 yards; 42"-43" wide. A bolt of fleece fabric is usually 10 yards for licensed fleece fabric, and 10-12 yards for non-licensed fabric.

How many yards is 32 square feet of fabric?

If your fabric is 60" wide, you'd need 2 & 2/3 yards.

How many yards of fabric do i need for king size pillow shams?

in using 54 inch wide fabric ?

How many 2 yard tablecloths can be made from 150 feet of fabric?

It depends on how wide the fabric is, and how wide the table cloths are. Assuming the width of the fabric is the same as the required width of the table cloths, the answer is 150ft / 2 yards = 50 yards/2 yards = 25

If the fabric is 54 inches wide and you need to cover 8 chairs measuring seat at 18x21 how many yards do you need to buy?

1.75 yards of fabric

How many square yards in a piece of fabric 435 feet long and 15 feet wide?

725 yards

120' inch round table cloth needs how many yards of fabric to make it?

If you use 60" wide fabric, you'll need approximately 8 yards.

How many yards of fabric do i need for a 108 x 132 tablecloth i think the fabric i want is 54 wide I'm confused as to whether i need 4 yards or 8 yards.?

You need 8 yds.

How many yards of fabric are needed to make a 90 inch round table cloth?

How many yards of fabric do I need if it's 36" wide or 45" wide. How else do you want me t to say it You have not answered that question

If a parcel is 220 yards wide 220 yards long how many acres does it equal?

It equals 10 acres.

How many yards of fabric do you need to make a shirt?

Depending on the shirt size it will vary between 45 inches wide to 60 inches wide.

If the fabric is 54'' wide and I need to make 13 72'' x 12'' table runners how much fabric do I need to buy in yards?

With fabric 54" wide for every two yards you will get 4 of the runners. You are going to have fabric waste and will end up with enough for 16 runners but you have to buy 8 yards to get at the least your 13 runners because of the 72" length

How many is 0.50 in yards of fabric?

Fabric is usually either 45" or 54" width (depends on the bolt), and one yard is 36" length. So 0.50 yards of fabric is either: 18" length x 45" wide OR 18" length x 54" wide

How many yards of fabric would you need to cover a wall 96 in wide by 54 in high wall?

The answer depends on the width of the fabric which has not bee mentioned. There are a number of standard widths.

How many yards of fabric are used to upholster a rocker glider with foot stool?

I just bought some fabric to cover a glider rocker and ottoman and i bought 2 1/2 yds of 56" wide fabric. You could get away with buying 2 1/4 yds of 54"-56" wide fabric.

How many yards of fabric are needed for a futon cover?

The average futon is five feet long. There are two sides, plus extra for the ends. This means that you will need at least 3 yards of 60 inch wide fabric for a small futon cover.

How many yards of fabric are in 120 cm?

120 centimeters = 47 inches. One bolt of fabric is either 44 or 54 inches wide, so there are 2 possibilities:A bolt of 44" x 47" = 1.2 yards x 1.3 yardsA bolt of 54" x 47" = 1.5 yards x 1.3 yards

How many yards of 45 inch wide fabric would it take to get 9.5 square feet?

1,000,002 dollars you fool do math why don't you get good at it

How many yards of 60 inch wide fabric equal 70 square yards?

60 inches is equal to 5/3 yards. 70 divided by 5/3 is the same as 70 x 3/5=14x3=42 yards

How do you calculate yards of fabric needed for 22 x 23?

One yard of fabric is 36" long, and varies in width. If you have 45" wide fabric, you need 22" of fabric (less than one yard). The fabric store can help you with that.

How much material you need for 126x112 beadspread?

It should be about 11 yards of 36 inch wide fabric.

24 x 50 Yards equals how many sq ft per roll?

I need to convert 24 Inches Wide by 50 Yards to Square Feet Each

How many square feet are in a yard of fabric?

Depends on how wide the bolt of fabric is. A "yard" of fabric will always be three feet long, but it may be varyingly wide.

How many yards of fabric are in a roll of fabric that is 54 inches wide by 8 feet long?

1 1/2 yards x 2 2/3 yards If a pattern calls for a certain yardage, it is referring to the width, so if you need 2 2/3 yards, this roll will suffice. A standard roll width is 45", so you will have a bit extra.

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