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725 yards

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Q: How many square yards in a piece of fabric 435 feet long and 15 feet wide?
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How many yards is 10 square feet of fabric?

10 square feet = 1.11 square yards.

How many yards of fabric would you need to cover an 8 feet by 8 feet?

You will need 7.1 square yards of fabric.

How many yards are there in a piece of cloth 6 feet wide by 12 feet long?

The piece is 2 yards by 4 yards ie 8 square yards. Square yards is a measure of area and there are no yards (a measure of distance) in square yards.

500 yards of fabric to square feet?

To determine square feet you need two dimensions: length and width. If the fabric is 500 yards long, then it is 1,500 feet long (3 feet per yard). If the fabric is 3 feet wide (36"), then the total is 4,500 square feet, but if it is 5 feet wide (60") then the total is 7,500 square feet.

How many yards is 32 square feet of fabric?

If your fabric is 60" wide, you'd need 2 & 2/3 yards.

How many yards is 32 square feet of 42 fabric?

If you're referring to 42" fabric, then 32 square feet would be 3 yards. The way I came about this is: 36" (1 yard) of 42" fabric is 10.5 square feet (36" x 42" = 1512 square inches divided by 144 square inches (or 12" x 12")); then I divided 10.5 square feet into 32 square feet getting the answer of 3.0476 yards.

How much fabric will you need for a project which has 528 square feet?

almost 3 yards 2.87 yards

How many yards of fabric is 15 feet by 15 feet?

15 ft = 5 yards 5 yards* 5 yards = 25 square yards

How many yards of fabric do you need to make a 60-inch square table cloth?

Since material comes in rectangular shapes, you need a 60" x 60" square piece of material which is 5' x 5' or 25 square feet. A yard is 9 square feet, so you need 3 yards of material, which is 27 square feet.

I have 12 feet of fabric how many yards of fabric do i need?

That depends on what you want to make. Or do you mean how many yards of fabric are in 12 feet of fabric? If that's what you mean, the answer is 12 feet is equal to 4 yards.

5 feet of fabric is how many yards?

5 feet of fabric is 1 2/3 yards of fabric. 1 yard equals 3 feet.

How many yards of fabric do it take to make a 10 foot square tablecloth?

10-ft by 10-ft = 100 square feet = 111/9 square yards.

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