5th month or months

Updated: 6/6/2023
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It's 5th month because 5th months is an incorrect term and 5th month means the fifth month of the year

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Josh Sun

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Q: 5th month or months
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How many months is 21 weeks in pregnancy?

It would be the last week of the 5th month.

Which month is before may?

April. there are 12 months in a year and May is the 5th month, April is the 4th.

How many months is seventeen weeks and six days?

you r almost 5th month. To be precise in one day :)

Explain difference between month or months?

Months is the plural of month. (Months is more than one month).

What month is in 3 months?

In 3 months, the month will be May.

Beth saved 5425 in five months each month she saved twice as much as she had the month before how much did she save in the second month?

5th month = 5425.00 / 2 4th month = 2712.50 / 2 3rd month = 542.50 / 2 2nd month = 271.25

Is it month or monthes?

month. monthes is not a word. month is for one month e.g. january. and months (not monthes) is for more than 1 month like january february march and april are all months and december is a month.

How much does eHarmony cost normally?

In the Unites States it costs $59.95 for one month, 39.95 per month for three months, 29.95 per months for six months and 19.95 per months for 12 months. This is the same for Canada and Australia. In the United Kingdom it costs 34.95 for one month, 24.95 per month for three months, 14.95 per month for six months and 11.65 per month for 12 months.

What month is 10 month after July?

The month of May is both 10 months after, and 2 months before, July.

What is the plural of month?

The plural of month is months.

What is plural for month?

The plural of 'month' is months.

How many 5th Sundays are there in 2015?

Sunday falls on the 5th day of the month in April and July. Alternatively 4 months will have 5 Sundays in 2015: March and May, August and November.