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Well here's what I got:

64 divided by 2= 32*6 matches for a games= 192 matches...... that's if the players play 6 matches for one whole game.... and how many times can they play and lose 'till they get out completely??? If it's different then I would need more information to answer this question

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Ans 2.

It depends on the system chosen for the tournament. In the traditional "knockout" system, each round begins with a draw which produces 32 pairs of players. 32 games are played, and 32 winners proceed to the next round. This produces 16 winners, and so on.
The champion emerges after he has won all 6 of his games and 63 games altogether have been played.

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1) Continue dividing the number 64 (players) by 2 till you obtain 1 (champion).

  • 64/2 = 32 (1st round)
  • 32/2 = 16 (2nd round)
  • 16/2 = 8 (3rd Round)
  • 8/2 = 4 (Quarter Finals)
  • 4/2 = 2 (Semi-Finals)
  • 2/2 = 1 (Finals)

2) 6 rounds are to be played by the champion.

3) To reduce 64 to 32 players through elimination matches, 32 matches are required.

To reduce 32 to 16 players through elimination matches, 16 matches are required.

The list goes on till the champion is decided... To reduce 2 to 1 player in the finals, 1 match is required.

4) From point (1):

  • Matches to be played in 1st round = 64/2 = 32
  • Matches to be played in 2nd round = 32/2 = 16
  • Matches to be played in 3rd round = 8
  • Matches to be played in quarter-finals = 4
  • Matches to be played in semi-finals = 2
  • Match to be played in the finals = 1

Hence, Total no. of matched required for 64 players to decide the champion

= 32 +16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1

= 63

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To win the tournament, one must play four matches and win all of them. There is a round of 16, a round of 8, a round of 4, and a round of 2.

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Q: 78 players entered a single elimination tennis tournament- how many matches were played to determine the overall champion?
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