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k is less than or equal to 7

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Q: 7 greater than or equal to 2k minus 7?
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What is the method used in simplifying '2k minus 3 brackets h minus 5kbrackets'?

2k - 3(h - 5k) = 2k - 3h + 15k = 17k - 3h

What is 6K plus 4K minus 3L?

2k - 3l

Can someone prove that 2 raised to the k equals 2 raised to the k plus 1 minus 1 by induction?

Is the following what you are claiming? 2k = 2k+1 -1 20 not equal 20+1 - 1 21 not equal 21+1 -1

What does odd X even equal?

Let even be of the form 2k and odd be of the form 2k+1. Then odd * even becomes 2k*2k+1, or 4k^2 +2k. This can be written as 2(k^2 + k), which is of the form 2k. Therefore, odd X even equals even.

Why is the sum of two prime numbers greater than two never prime?

Consider prime numbers p1, p2 greater than 2. Since p1 and p2 are prime and greater than 2, they are both necessarily odd. Hence, they are of the form: p1 = 2k+1, p2 = 2j+1, where j and k are positive integers. Their sum is then: p1+p2 = (2k+1)+(2j+1) = 2k+2j+2 = 2 (k+j+1). So 2 divides their sum, hence the sum can't be prime

What does a 2k walk equal?

A 2000 metres walk.

What is the answer for this 9K -11K?


9 minus 2k-3 equals k show work and solve?

9 - 2k - 3 = k Add 2k to both sides: 9 - 3 = k + 2k Combine like terms: 6 = 3k Divide both sides by 3: 2 = k

Show that n factorial is greater than or equals to 2 the power of n for n greater than or equal to 4?

For n = 4, 4! = 4*3*2*1 = 24 and 24 = 2*2*2*2 = 16 So the statement is true for n = 4. Suppose it is true for n = k, that is, k! > 2k Then (k+1)! = (k+1)*k! > (k+1)*2k (since k! > 2k) > 2*2k (since k >= 4 > 2) = 2k+1 So if the statement is true for n = k then it must be true for n = k+1. Therefore, since it is true for n = 4 it must be true for all n > 4.

What is the equation of 2k equals 5k-30?

2k = 5k-30 Subtract 5k from both sides: -3k = -30 Divide both sides by -3 to find the value of k remembering that a minus divided into a minus becomes a plus: k = 10

What does k equal in 10 - 2k4?

If you mean: 10-2k = 4 then k = 3

Can someone prove that 2k 2k 1-1?

You can prove that 2K,2K,1-1 by first determining that the integer N can be written in the form of N=2K.

What is 3 more than twice k?

2k + 1

What is 2k rule?

The 2k or 2 to K rule is used to determine the number of classes for a frequency distribution. The 2k rule should be used as a guide more than a dictator of determining the number of classes for a frequency distribution.

Which is richer 2K or EA?

EA has prolly like 100 times more $$$ than 2K. EA has been around since the Sega Genesis.

Is BioShock an Australian game?

Partly it was a 2k game and 4 of their studios developed it . 2K Marin, 2K Boston, 2K Australia and Digital Extremes . 2k Marin and 2k Australia had the most to do with . So its half Australian more or less.

How much rupees is 2k?


7 less than twice a number k?

2k - 7

Is NHL 2K and NHL is the same?

They are the same idea but they have different gameplay, graphics, etc. Personally, I like the EA Sports better than 2K Sports game.

For rowing If your 6k time is 22 minutes 42 seconds what should your 2k time be?

Your 2k time should be 7 minuets 47 seconds I'll have to disagree with the above answer, if you row a 6k in 22:42, that is a 1:53.5 500m split. If you rowed that same split for 2k that would give you a 7:34 2k (which basically means you did three of those in a row while rowing your 6k). However, since most people can hold a faster pace for 2k than they can for 6k, your 2k should be even less than that. Using a conversion factor I came up with, I estimate that your 2k should be around, 7:02

If a spring with spring constant k is cut into two equal parts what will be the spring constant of each part?


How far is a 2K?

2k (kilometers) is 1.2427 miles.

Is 2k 3D better than Qube 3D?

qube 3d is better

Is it possible while erging a 2k to have a faster overall time than someone with a slightly lower split than you had?

No, unless you have a faulty monitor which i have never encountered. The avg split for 500m has a direct corolation to you 2k erg time

Can someone prove that 2k2k plus 1-1 by induction?

To prove that 2k 2k plus 1-1 by induction is a step by step process. But the induction 2 is not equal to 2 to the power of 0 take away 1.