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Q: 8 chefs can cook 40 meals in 3 hours How many meals can 25 chefs cook in 6 hours?
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Does the president have his own chef?

He probably has a lot of personal chefs. Many of the meals that the president eats are actually business meetings made into meals, and the president most likely has a whole kitchen full of personal chefs to cook these meals. However I'm sure that if Mr. President wanted to cook for himself he would probably be allowed to.

How many people do chefs have to cook for?

I think the people chefs have to cook for is about 5,000

How many meals did the titanic chefs prepare each day?


How many hours do chefs work for week?

it depends on the salary

How many pleats are in a chefs hat?

There are exactly 100 pleats in a French chefs hat. There are 100 because a French chef knows 100 ways to cook eggs.

How many hours will you be working a week as a cook?

None. Since I am not a cook.

How many meals did you prepare on a typical shift?

The number of meals that you prepare on a typical shift depends on your profession. If you are a cook, you may prepare fifty or sixty meals during a given shift.

How many hours between GMT are the cook islands?

The Cook Islands of New Zealand are ten hours behind UTC.

How many hours does a 10.36lb ham should cook for?

about 4 hours

How many kinds of chefs are there?

there are lots of chefs

How many hours does it take to cook a 24lb turkey?

8 hours if you stuff it

How many hours should be between meals?

2-4 hours. NEVER go past four hours. I have worked with many dieticians/ nutritionists.

Does Subway restaurants have free meals for employees?

It depends on how many hours you work.

How many fulltime chefs work in the White House kitchen?

There are 5 fultime chefs. There are 5 fultime chefs.

How many hours does an Line Cook work?

The hours that a line cook works varies up to 50 hours per week. The specific amount depends on the need of the restaurant and the employees availability.

How many chefs are there currently in America?

There are over 1,000,000 chefs in usa

How many hours to cook a 13 pound turkey unstuffed?

The average amount to cook a 13 pound turkey which is not stuffed is about 3 hours. This is when you use the oven to bake it.

How many testing strips do diabetics use daily?

at least 10!! Before meals, 2 hours after meals, sometimes 3am and sometimes when you feel "low"

How many male chefs vs female chefs in the white house?


How many full time chefs work in the white house?

52 Chefs.

How many days after a turkey has thawed is it safe to cook?

24 hours

If hamburger meat has been left out to defrost for many hours is it still okay to cook and eat?

Yes. It is okay to cook.

How many other chefs do the iron chefs get?

Not quite sure if this is what you mean, but each chef is allowed two sous chefs in kitchen stadium.

How many people in the US are pastry chefs?

About 400,000 people are pastry chefs in the US

How many hours do you cook a 1.5 lb pot roast in a crock pot?

i would usaully cook it on high for 2 hours then on medium for 30 mins then take it out and it would be good