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no its not a solution

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Q: 8x plus 7y equals 37 2y equals 4x - 2?
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What is the slope of 4x plus 2y equals 24?

4x+2y=24 => 2y=24-4x => y=12-2x and the slope is -2

What is the slope of the line that has the equation 4x plus 2y equals 12?

what is the slope of the line that has the equation 4x+2y=12?

How do you solve 2y equals 4x plus 4?

2y = 4x + 4y = 2x + 2

What is 4x plus 2y equals 20 in slope intercept form?

4x+2y = 20 2y = -4x+20 y = -2x+10

X2 plus y2 plus 4x - 2y - 5 equals 0?


Slope of 4x plus 2y equals 12?


2x plus y equals 3 2y-6 equals -4x?

4x + 2y = 6 (first equation x 2) 4x + 2y = 6 (second equation rearranged) No unique answer exists

4x plus 6y equals 14 -2x plus 2y equals -2?

(2, 1)

How do you resolve this problem -4x-2y equals plus 3?

-4x-2y = 3 -2y = 4x+3 y = -2x-1.5 which is the equation of a straight line

Is (2 3) a solution to this system of equations8x plus 7y 37 2y 4x - 2?

If the equations are 8x + 7y = 37, and 2y = 4x -2 then the answer is yes.

How do you solve 2x plus y equals 0 and 4x plus 2y equals 0?

many solutions

How do you do 2x plus y equals -12 -4x-2y equals 30?

2x+y=-12-4x-2y=30 x=-y/2+30, you plug this into -12-4x-2y=30 and get -12+2y-120-2y=30 which gives 2y-2y=162. This is not possible, so the equation is unsolvable.

-4x plus 7y equals 9 2y equals -5x - 22?

(-4, -1)

4x plus 2y equals 0 x - 5y equals -11?

(-1, 2)

What is the gradient for 2y equals 4x plus 1?

2y=4x+1 sp y=2x+1/2 so the slope or gradient is 2

X intercept of 4x plus 2y equals 6?

For 4x + 2y = 6The X intercept is 1.5The Y intercept is 3

4x plus 2y equals -12 8x plus 6y equals -4?

x = -8, y = 10

What is the slope of the line represented by this equation 4x plus 2y equals 6?

4x+2y = 6 2y = -4x+6 y = -2x+3 Slope = -2

What is the slope of 4x plus 2y minus 8 equals 0?

4x+2y-8=0 2y=8-4x y=4-2x slope= -2

How do you solve 3x plus 2y equals 4 4x plus 3y equals 7?

You need to organise your question properly. 3x+2y=4 4x + 3y= 7? Is 4 4x = 44x or 4-4x or 4+4x How can there be 2 equal signs in 1 equation?

If 2x plus y equals 5 what is the value of 4x?


-5x plus 2y equals 6 -9x plus 2y equals 22?

Subtract first from second gives -4x = 16 so x = -4 and y = -7

What is 4x plus 2y equals 20 in slope-inercept form?

4x + 2y = 20 2y = -4x + 20 y = -2x + 10.......but you may also write it as y = 10 - 2x.

How do you solve -4x plus 2y equals 9?

If: -4x+2y = 9 Then: 2y = 4x+9 Divide all terms by 2: y = 2x+4.5 which is now in slope intercept form

What is 4x-2y plus 3x plus 2y?

4x-2y+3x+2y When simplified: 7x