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24 tablets

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Q: A client takes 1 1/2 tablets of medication four times per day for 4 days . How many tablets will the client have taken at the end of the 4 days?
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How long does it take for Percocet to work?

Any medication taken orally takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How long does it take for worming tablets to work on cats?

It usually only takes about 12 hours for worming tablets to work on cats. The actual time will depend on the medication and type of worms.

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What would happen if you took 200 mcg of levothyroxine for 1 day?

There will be no problem if you accidentally took two such tablets. It takes about three weeks normally to get the full effect of medication normally.

My brother takes heart medication what kind of vitamins can he take to help with his heart?

Your brother will need to consult his doctor to see which vitamins can be taken with the heart medication. Never take anything unless it is approved by your doctor.

What are vegetarian tablets?

vegetarian tablets are a tablet a vegetarian takes when on a diet. i think

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The fastest cure for athletes foot is application of antifungal medication, it works by killing the fungi that is causing the infection internally by taking tablets while the cream, spray, liquid or powder takes care of the external infection.

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Yes and they have dormant cancer virus in the tablets which cause thoat cancer. Only an idiot takes tablets.

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What are the differences between enteral and parentral routes of administration?

Enteral is for medication taken orally or in suppositories. It takes more time and (generally) a higher dose to get the same result that parenteral route (intraveinous, subcutaneous, etc).

How would temperature affect the time taken for a tablet to dissolve?

It doesn't. The amount of time it takes for a tablet to dissolves depends on the tablet brand. Some brand names dissolve faster but some other tablets can dissolve faster.

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What medical equipment that dispenses doess of medication in the form of a mist?

A nebulizer takes medication in a liquid form and turns it into a mist to be inhaled.

What does loopy mean with medication?

When someone takes medication, it may make them "loopy" as in doing weird things. Usually pain medication can make a person high and they may laugh and do things unusual.

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What does it mean when a doctor talks about the half life of a dosage of a medication?

When a doctor explains the half life of a dosage of medication they are explaining how long it takes for each dosage of medication to take effect for one's body type.