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To calculate the speed of sound, we need to first determine the total time taken for the sound to travel to the wall and back. If the girl claps 60 times in a minute, then the time between each clap is 1/60 minute. Since the sound has to travel 160 meters both to the wall and back, the total distance covered is 160 * 2 = 320 meters.

So, the speed of sound can be calculated as follows:

Speed = Distance / Time

Speed = 320 meters / (1/60 minute)

Speed = 320 * 60 meters/minute

Therefore, the speed of sound is 19,200 meters per minute or approximately 330 meters per second.

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Q: A girl stands 160m away from a high wall and claps her hands at a steady rate so that each clap coincide with the echo of the one before. If she makes 60 claps in one minute. Calculate the speed of sound?
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