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Q: A number decreased by ninty two?
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What is 94.3 number?

ninty four and three tenths or ninty four point three

What is two thirds of ninty?


What two numbers can be divided by 7 making the whole number ninty-nine?

' 693 ' is the only one.

What is the number after nine hundred ninty-nine trillion nine hundred ninty nine billion nine hundred ninty nine thousand nine million and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninty nine?

The next named number on the short scale (US) is 1 quadrillion. (1 x 1015)

How many judicial districts are there in Illinois?

there are currently ninty two

How do you spell out number 1991?

nineteen ninty one

What is eleven decreased by twice a number is fifteen what is the number?

the number is negative two.

A number decreased by the sum of the number and two?

(m + 2) - x

How do I write this number in word form 999999999999999000000000000000000000000000000?

nine-hundred and ninty-nine quattuordecillion, nine-hundred and ninty-nine tredecillion, nine-hundred and ninty-nine duodecillion, nine-hundred and ninty-nine undecillion, nine-hundred and ninty-nine decillion thats back fired didnt it yes i know my numbers =P

A number decreased by ninety two?


Two times a number decreased by 6?

2x - 6

What does this mean mil cuatrocientos noventa y dos?

Hi this is a number (1492) = one thousand ninty two greetings

How do you spell ninty?

The number 90 is spelled ninety.

How do i write a number r decreased by the quotient of a number r and two in an expression?


How do you get ninty nine woodcutting from ninty two?

this is a silly question... but ile answer it anyway... cut down trees like yews or willows depending on which has a faster experience gain for you

How do you write the number 5111293026 in words?

five billion, one hundred eleven million, two hundred ninty-three thousand, twenty-six

What happen to the number of births in the two years prior to 1946?


What is the phrase for six times a number decreased by two?


A number decreased by ninety-two?

It could be notated as: x-92 whereas x is the number

A transmutation involving the release of alpha particles produces atoms whose atomic number has what?

Alpha particles have two protons and two neutrons. since the atom just lost two protons, it's atomic number decreased two. It also decreased it's mass number by four because it lost two protons and two neutrons.

What is a number decreased by 4?

A number decreased by 4 is n-4

Describe what happens to the proton number and the mass number when an alpha particle is emitted by a nucleus?

Proton number is decreased by two while mass number is decreased by four. Since alpha particle is similiar to helium nucleus.

How do you write 2.99 percent in words?

Two and ninty nine hundredths percent

How do you write thirteen lakhs ninty one thousand and ninty seven?

It is 13,91,097

What is a number decreased by ninety-two?

Expressed algebraically, this is equal to x - 92.