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If it's 25 dollars off, you would have to pay $264.95.

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Q: A printer costs $289.95 It is on sale for $25.00 off the original price. What is the sale price of the printer?
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What is meaning of original price?

The original price is the price before adding a profit/costs or before deductions.

A laser printer is on sale for 15 percent off The sale price is 306 What was the original price?

The original price was 360.00

If something costs 56.00 and the original price is 70.00 how much is the discount?

Discount = Original price minus selling price = 70.00 - 56.00 = 14.00

How much does a Brother printer cartridge cost?

A Brother printer cartridge costs on aver $32.99; the price range can vary depending on the retailer and the printer model. Retailers that one can purchase a Brother printer cartridge from include Staples and Office Max.

Are colour laser printers more expensive than inkjet printers?

The original purchase price of a color laser printer is very comparable to an inkjet printer. The additional difference in price comes when you purchase the ink cartridges are the laser cartridges are higher in price.

Something cost 60 and its 25 percent how much will it be?

25% of 60 = 15 OR if you are saying, it now costs $60 and it is 25% of the original price, then the original price = $240.

What is difference between the capital cost and the running costs of a printer?

Capital cost is the cost of the original purchase, and is offset by the running costs of buying ink and paper. The companies can chage relatively little for the actual printer, but then double the yearly price in ink alone! When buying a printer, make sure you get one with cheap, high quality ink. Be careful, because some printers that have cheap ink may use it up faster then those with expensive ink. With all the variables involved, there is little option other then checking reviews of the products before buying them. Good luck finding the right printer!

How much do small printers cost?

The price you pay for a small printer really depends on where you buy it from, and what brand it is. However, I would say that a small, decent printer costs about $75 to $200 depending on the brand and quality.

If an item is 80 percent off and it now costs 280 dollars what was the original price?


How much does a Canon SELPHY Photo Printer cost online?

A Canon SELPHY Photo Printer costs approximately $100.00 when bought online. It may be possible to find it for a lower price if the item is on sale or if you have a discount code.

How much are replacement ink cartridges for my printer?

Every printer brand has different costs for ink cartridges. They can range anywhere from around $10 to $50. You can go to and type in your ink cartridge number and it will give you the price.

The equation sp -0.15 p represents the sales price s of an item with an original price p after a 15 discount . A T-shirt costs 12. What is the sale price?

It is 10.20

What kind of product is called c9732a?

C9732A is a printer made by Hewlett Packard. The exact name is HP C9732A Laserjet printer. One can purchase original and 3rd party ink cartridges at a reasonable price.

What is a reasonable price for a Canon Inkjet printer?

A reasonable price for a Canon Inkjet printer would be around $100.00. The price quoted would be for the basic printer, of course, the more options one adds on, the higher the price.

How much does ink cost for an hp printer?

Ink costs vary depending on the model of printer you have or if you want color or black and white. Try looking in local office supply stores or for discount ink sellers to find out the specific price for your model.

Why are printer ink cartridges so expensive?

Ink companies claim that they fairly price their cartridges according to the costs of making the ink and cartridge. Some ink companies also place a chip inside so the printer can track the amount of ink remaining.

What is the regular price of an USB printer?

The Regular price of a USB printer can range from many prices. This is due to the features that can come with almost any printer or the lack thereof features.

How much does a Canon DR-2580C scanner cost?

It costs $875.00. At least, that is what the manufacturer's suggested retail price was, when the printer was released in 2005. The PC Mag website has an article on this scanner that was published in 2005. $875.00 is the price they listed for this scanner.

What is the average price of a Canon laser printer?

The average price of the device called a Canon laser printer is usually very high. The average price of a Canon laser printer is typically between one hundred and two hundred dollars.

What are the most expensive printers in the world?

The most expencive conusmer printer up-to-date is, probably, 24-carat gold coated HP LaserJet 1160. It was introduced in 2006 on GITEX Exhibition in Dubai. Being one of the kind, this printer is unlikely to be used to do its job - print. But it's still a printer and has its price - $20,000. The new printer is the IBM Infoprint 2085 and it costs about $30,800.

What is the current lowest price on 11x17 laser printer?

The lowest price currently on a 11x 17 laser printer is between $6000 and $2500 depending on your requirements. The more sophisticated the model the higher the price. It is clearly a question of what you need the printer to do and how fast.

What is the average price for commercial label printer?

The average price for a commerical label printer from Dymo and Brother are arround 70 dollars. A label printer from the brand Epson is aroud 30 dollars.

How do you solve this The sales price of a car is 12590 which is 20 off the original price What is the original price?

marked price/original price =15,737.5

What is the original price of a coat if the new price is 18.00 with 15 percent off?

Original price - discount = new price Original price - (Original price x 0.15) = 18.00 Which can be written as: 1 Original price - 0.15 Original price = 18.00 Which can be written as: 0.85 Original price = 18.00 Wich can be written as: Original price = 18.00 / 0.85 Original price = 21.18 Note that since there is 15% off in the original price, the new price is essentially (100% - 15%) = 85% of the original price.

How much is a Rubik's Cube?

An original 3x3 rubiks cube normally costs around 6 dollars. I got mine for around that price