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Area of the rectangle is 144cm. The sides of a square with the same ares is 12cm.

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Q: A square has the same area as a rectangle with sides 9cm and 16cm. What is length of the side of the square?
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How long is the perimeter of A rectangle with sides of 5cm and 3cm?

Perimeter of rectangle: 5+3+5+3 = 16cm

What is the perimeter of a square with 16cm as the side?

IF 16cm is EACH side, the answer is four (sides) times 16cm... so that's 64 cm.

What is the area of a square that is 16cm?

If you mean the sides are both 16, than the answer is 256 cm. squared

What shape has a perimeter of 16cm?

anything imaginary but a real shape would be a square or rectangle.

What are the dimensions of a rectangle that has a perimeter of 16cm and has the greatest possible area?

The greatest area that a rectangle can have is, in fact, attained when it is a square. A square with perimeter of 16 cm must have sides of 4 cm and so an area of 4*4 = 16 cm2.

What is the side length of the square with the given area A equals 256 cm2?

since A=lengthxwidth and in a square all sides are equal you would take the square root of 256 which is 16 so each side is 16cm

What is the equation for the area is the length of a side squared?

to work out the area of a sqaure it is the length of the side multiplied by another side. seing as the sides of a sqaure are all equal, is is the side of a square multiplied by itself. for example if the side of a square was 4cm the equation would be: 4cm x 4cm = 16cm^2 do not get this equation confused with the equation for a rectangle which is length multiplied by the width. (L x W)

What is the pressure if the length is 16cm and breadth is 7cm?

what is the pressure if the length is 16cm & breadth is 7cm

If the area of the square is 16cm what is the length of each side?

16 divided by 4= 4

What is the perimeter of a square if one side is 4cm?

16cm (4 sides x 4 = 16)

How long is the perimeter of a 5cm by 3cm rectangle?


If the length of a rectangle is 6 centimeters and the perimeter is 16 centimeters what is the area?

So a rectangle has 4 sides. The two long sides and the two shorter sides in an rectangle are the same length. Knowing this we know that one of the sides is 6cm long, that means the side opposite it must also be that same length. The perimiter is the same as the distance it takes to walk all around the shape, we already know that the perimiter is 16cm. And we already know that two of those lines that you'd have to walk are 6cm so we know that to walk two sides of the rectangle that's 12cm. That means that the other two sides must take 4cm to walk to make the perimiter add up to 16cm. Now remember that we said that a rectangle has 2 long sides and 2 short sides that are equal in length? well we know the two long sides are equal now at 6 cm each, and we know that the 2 short sides add up to 4cm...and they have to be the same size, so each short side msut be 2cm long each. Now that we know all the sides length, we multiply length x bredth to get aera that's 6cm x 2cm = 12cm2

Who do you figure out the area of a square?

you multiply two sides together. for instance, a square that is 4x4 cm would have an area of 16cm*2.

If a right triangle has sides of 16Cm and 12Cm what is the hypotenuse?

If a right triangle has sides of 16Cm and 12Cm, the hypotenuse is: 20 cm

What is the perimeter of a square with sides of 4 cm?

The perimeter is all of the sides added together. So 4+4+4+4 is 16. The perimeter is 16cm.

What is the perimeter of square if it has an area of 16 centimeter squares?

A=16 therefore L= 4 (sq.root of 16) so P=4x4=16 (no. of sides multiplied by length of 1 side) So the perimeter is 16cm.

What is the total length in centimeters of all the edges of a cube if the area of one face of a cube is 16cm square?

48 cm

A floorboard has length 2.0 m and width 16 cm What is its area?

The area of a rectangle is its Length times its Width. For the question, we first need to make sure that the Length and Width share the same units: Length = 2m Width = 16cm = 0.16m Now we can safely calculate the area: Area = Length x Width = 2 x 0.16 = 0.32 square meters

How many square feet is a 16x16 cm tile?

16cm x 16cm = 256 cm2 = 39.68 in2 = 0.276 square foot (rounded)

A rectangle is 7cm wide and 9cm long what is its perimeter?

63 cmPerimeter = 2 x (Length + Width) = 2 x (9cm + 7cm) = 2 x 16cm = 32cm

What is the area of a square with a diagnol of 5.7?

16cm squared.

How big to house sparrows get?

Usually a length of 16cm and a weight of 27g

Find the area of a square with a side of 16cm?

256 sqcm

The perimeter of a regtangle is one meter each longer side is 34cm what is the lenght of each sorter side?

The length of the shorter side is 16cm The formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is p = 2a + 2b, p = 100cm, a = 34cm 2b = p - 2a = 100 - 68 = 32 b = 16cm

What is the perimeter of a square whose one diagonal is 16cm?

The perimeter of this square is 45.25 cm