A 3-D figure with only one base?

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How about a hemisphere ?

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Q: A 3-D figure with only one base?
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What solid figure has as a triangle base and 3 rectangular faces?

A 3D shape with one base and three faces can only have triangular faces.

What is a 3d figure that has only one vertex?


Which 3D figure have 1 base and triangles for faces?

A pyramid.

Is a face also a base on a 3D figure?

Sometimes. Any face can be defined as a base of a prism; but pyramids may have one face that is a base and not a triangle.

Why circle is not a 3 dimentional figure?

A circle is not a 3D figure because it only has two dimensions. A sphere is a 3D "circle".

What makes a 3D figure three dimensional?

A 3D figure shows length, width and depth. While a 2D figure only shows length and width.

What does area of base means in math?

It means the base in a 3D figure. For example, if it was a pyramid. the bottom part would be the base and you get the area of that base

How do you find the base of a figure?

You find the base of a figure depending on if it's 2D or 3D 2D- Get a measuring device and find the length of the base. 3D- Easiest way is to split it into parts. For example, you have a pentagon-shaped base, i would split it into 5 and find the base for 1 part and multiply it by 5.

3d figure with a polygonal base in 1 plane and an additional vertex not in that plane?


What shape has only one base?

A pyramid (3D)! Some examples: - triangular base pyramid - square base pyramid - rectangular base pyramid - cone

A figure that has 12 vertices?

In 2D, the only figure would be some type of dodecagone. In 3D however, there are many possibilities. One of them is the decagonal bipyramid

What is a 3D figure made of all triangles?

A triangular base pyramid would fit the description.

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