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30% of 500 = 500x.3=150



Plus tax, handling, shipping, and insurance if applicable.

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Q: A 30 percent discount is taken from a computer that cost 500. What is the price of the computer?
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What is percent of discount?

Percent of discount is the percentage of a whole price that is taken off as a discount.

How much moneY will be taken off of a discount of 22 percent?

original price minus 22% of the original price

Is a 15 percent discount the same as 3 successive 5 percent discounts?

No, because successive discounts are taken on the discounted price after the first of the successive discounts. Therefore, 3 successive 5 % discounts will total to a smaller discount than one 15 % discount.

What is 64.00 with 20 percent taken off?

The amount after the discount is $51.20

What is 25 percent taken from 115?

Discount is -29.25 Total is 86.25

What is 15 percent off 192.89?

$163.96 after a 15% discount is taken.

A store gives 10 percent discount to all students off the original cost additional 15 percent is taken off the discounted price Julie purchases a flute for 306 how much did it originally cost?

Discounted price was 360 (306/.85)Original price was 400 (360/.9)

What is 40 percent taken off of 723 dollars?

The amount after the discount is $433.80

How do you figure the how much percent was taken off the original price if you only have the original price and the sale price?

Sale price/original price will give you a fraction. The fraction x100 gives you the percentage that the sale price is of the original price.100-(that percentage) gives the percent taken off.

What is noun of discount?

The noun 'discount' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an amount taken off a regular price. Example; Season ticket holders get a discount on parking. The word 'discount' is also a verb: discount, discounts, discounting, discounted.

How to figure how much is taken off after the percentage mark down?

To take a percentage of a price, multiply the price by the decimal equivalent of the percentage, which is the percentage divided by 100. 25 percent of $15.00 = 15 x 0.25 = $3.75 To take a percentage off a price, you can either subtract that number from the original price ($15.00 - $3.75 = $11.25) or multiply the original price by the decimal equivalent of 100 percent minus the discount. (15 x 0.75 = $11.25)

What single discount is equivalent to two successive discounts of 10 percent and 15 percent?

23.5% if the discounts are taken successively, 25 % if the discounts are taken at the same time. The latter is the less usual meaning of this question.