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Discounted price was 360 (306/.85)

Original price was 400 (360/.9)

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Q: A store gives 10 percent discount to all students off the original cost additional 15 percent is taken off the discounted price Julie purchases a flute for 306 how much did it originally cost?
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How do you find the original price of discounted item?

You need to know the discounted price and either the discount amount or the discount rate. If you know the discount amount: Original Price = Discounted Price + Discount If you know the Discount Rate (percentage discount ): Original Price = 100*Discounted Price / (100 - Discount Rate)

How do you find the discount knowing only the discounted price and original price?

Discount = Original Price - Discounted Price Percentage Discount = 100* Discount / Original Price

Where can discount photo albums be purchased?

Shutterfly is the leading online seller in discounted photo albums, including digital.Walgreens would also be a good alternative for in store purchases.

Why is 20 percent off an item plus an additional 20 percent off not 40 percent?

Because the second discount refers to the already-discounted price, not to the original full price. Example: -- The item was originally priced at $100. -- It was discounted 20%, and that brought its price down to $80. -- If it's discounted again later, then the second 20% discount will be 20% of $80, not 20% of $100. 20% of $80 is $16, so the second discount will reduce the price to $64. -- If it had been reduced from $100 all the way to $64 in one cut the first time, that discount would have been 36% .

Where can one purchases Bibles that are on discount?

The nest place to find cheap discounted Bibles is in charity shops. Unwanted Bibles are often deposited at these shops, where they are sold on very cheaply.

Is there a discount for EasyJet holiday package deals?

EasyJet Holiday package deals are generally a discounted package. Sometimes, promotions will run where people can get additional discounts.

What does discounted price mean?

If a price reflects discount, the discount has already been applied.

How do you calculate percentage discounts?

Discount = Original Price - Discounted Price.Percentage Discount = 100*Discount/(Original Price)

What is the discount if the price is 75 and is discounted 40?


Get 10% discount on any of your purchases.

How do you find the percent of a discount?

Divide the discounted by full prices

Do sears retirees get a discount on purchases at Kmart?


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