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The 9mm round measures .356 inch in diameter. a 380 is 95 gr 9mm 124gr 40 is180 gr 45 is 230 gr

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Q: A 9mm round is equal to what caliber?
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What is the calibre of a 9MM round?

The 9mm Parabellum(9mmLuger) is .355 caliber.

What caliber bullet is an mp40?

it is a 32 round a clip 9mm.

What caliber is a M9 service pistol?

The M9 is a standard 9mm round. the M9 is actually a .355 caliber

What caliber is a 9mm?

9mm IS the caliber. If you mean what is it equivalent to, it is approximately the same as a .38.

What caliber is the caliber of a 9mm?

9 millimeter is the caliber. IMPROVING ANSWER: A "9mm" bullet is actually .355 or .356 of an inch in diameter. So the caliber is about .36, but nobody calls it that because it would be confusing. Everybody calls it a 9mm and if somebody asks you what "caliber" that pistol is, you can answer "It's a 9mm" without having to add or explain anything. further improve: 9mm is the correct answer. you can find the caliber by measuring the diameter of the bullet. translate to millimeters or inches and that's the caliber. 9mm is a 9mm caliber not "around .36"

Can you use 9 mm caliber round for walther p99 40 sm?

No. 9mm and .40 are not interchangeable.

What is Difference between a 9mm Glock and a 9mm?

Glock is a brand. 9mm is a caliber size. So, there is no difference between a 9mm glock and a 9mm of another brand as far as caliber size.

What caliber bullet does the German MP40 use?

The MP40 utilized 9mm bullets, in a 32-round stick magazine.

Which caliber round is better for self defence a 380 auto or a 9mm luger?

Neither. Shot placement is what counts.

What travels faster a 9mm or 45 caliber bullet?

Assuming you're referring to the 9x19 Parabellum/Luger round, the 9mm travels faster than the .45 ACP.

Can you fire a 9mm luger in a 380?

No, the calibers and chamberings are completely different. It is not safe to attempt to fire any caliber of ammunition in a gun, other than what is stated on the barrel. actually the 380 caliber is almost equal to the 9mm. the 380 caliber is often refered to as a 9mm short. the difference is the 9mm case is slightly bigger then the 380 case and the 380 bullet might be a little lighter.......................

What caliber is the m9 pistol?


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